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10 Best Android Apps for Free in 2014

There are many free apps of android available in store. Current number of Best Android apps in market are 622571 and percentage of low quality apps are 22%. It means that 88% apps are of high quality or in other words are used by majority of people. As number of Best Android Apps are so large then obviously it is difficult to sort out that which app is our desired or not because  an individual probably does not require to install are 622571 apps in his or her android smart phone. Considering this problem I decided today to give an overview of 10 Best Android Apps Free chosen by Google for android smartphones. Hope so that my this effort will be helpful for readers to decide which android app they should install and which they should not, so here we go for the Best Android Apps you never seen before!!

Best Android Apps:

Let me tell you some of the Best Android Apps coming soon in 2014.

  2. Grimm”s snow white
  3. Expedia Hotel
  4. Fancy
  5. Pixler Express
  6. TED
  7. Series Guide
  8. Pocket
  9. pinterest
  10. Ancestery

Now i will like to proceed on and elaborate you about above mentions Best Android Apps turn by turn:-


Ever note is an easy- to -use, free Best Android Apps that help you take notes,multimedia work and make it discover able on web wherever you are.It can capture anything, save your ideas, things you like, things you hear ,and things you can access anywhere.It finds things download

Evernote Android App
Evernote is a free app that helps you to remember every thing across all of the devices you use.

2:-Grimm ,s Snow White:

It is award winning series of Disney stories for children using android with a brand new is timeless classic series.

It is an interactive pop up delivers a highly interactive reading experience for children.A good time pass as well.Download from Google play

Best Android Apps

3:-Expedia Hotel:

It is a Best Android app for free built for last minute can find the best flight to anywhere in the world pins nearby hotels with phones GPS and helps you to collect total information regarding price, distance.Free download

Expedia Hotel


Fancy application is used to discover collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods,wonderful places,

amazing stuff ,collect the things you love and want to buy.Free download


5:-Series guide:

series guide application is used to watch your favorite TV  shows online and to support future development consider buying x series.By these type of Best Android apps you can even share videos with your friends as well.Free download

Series guide

6:- PIXLR  Express:

It is a refreshing and attractive app for young generation especially as they are more interested in editing and giving effects to has more than 600 effects ,layouts,borders ,with tons of adjustments.It is a fun and free photo editor that lets you crop,re size and fix any picture related issue.Free download

Pixler express


Pinterest is a tool to discover,collect,and share important objects,inspiration, and share it with others.Use it to collect things,you love, organize  and plan important things.This app is compatible with your SAMSUNG  G-T 19001 set as well.Free download

pinterest android app


Looking for Best Android Apps then, It is a marvelous app presents talks with from some of the worlds most fascinating people,education radicles, scholars, business  gurus,technologists and music legends.This app is possible is made possible with the support  of SONY.Free download

Best Android Apps


when you find something on the web that you want to view later then you can put that into pocket.this application is very automatically sync with your phone.,tablet or computer.Free download



Ancestry as name depicts is an android application which is useful to build or update your family tree,with which we could be able to connect with billions of historical records.There  are many other Best Android Apps as well but above mentioned are 2012 best 10 apps announced by android. I hope so that this article is helpful to readers for getting info about androids apps.Free download


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