How To Add Android Power Control Widget On Home Screen

By Android Power Control widget we can perform many tasks easily. If we wants to  bluetooth, wi-fi turn on or off  we can do this by Android Power Control Widget.

Add Android Power Control Widget

If we have to turn bluetooth off or on There are three different ways to turn on and off  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, etc. There is a hard and a easy way to turn them on and off. The hard  way is that you can turn them on and off  through your phone settings manually. And for easy way you have to follow some steps. You can turn on and off  your Bluetooth Wi-fi and GPS by adding  Android Power Control Widget. The Android  Power Control widget places a control widget of your own choice. From the widget you can Toogle on and off many items like Bluetooth, Wifi, Gps, Sync as well as you can set yor screen brightness. By Android Power Control Widget you can definitely save your time and can easily turn on and off the things you wanna use. To add Android Power Control Widget to your home screen you have to follow some steps which are given below:

Steps to Add Android Power Control Widget on Home Screen

  1. Long press and hold the empty space on your home screen to bring up the Add to home screen option.
  2. From the list of menu items, select the option of  Widget.

    Long press on home screen

    Long tap on home screen

  3. Now select the Power Control from choose widget screen by scrolling down.

    select power toggles from here

    select power toggles from here

  4. The  Power Control widget is now added to your home screen and ready to use.

    Power control widget is now added

    Power control widget is now added

There is another easy and simple way to add Android Power Control Widget . You can add Android Power Control Widget by installing application.By installing Power Toggles in your device you can easily add Android Power Control Widget to your device.

Power Toggle

Download Power Toggle to add power control widget

Download Power toggle app for free

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