Apple news iPhone 6 Release date and leaked images

IPhone 6 release date

IPhone 6

 Apple news iPhone 6 Preview Release date , Rumor and

Leaked images

Apple having great expectations from iPhone 6 as the previous series of apple iPhone does not show the progressive results as necessary for the success of Apple iPhone. The Apple release its new iPhone 6 which is 8 Th  in number according to series but consider 6 Th, Now who care what the number is Everyone is in-trusted in iPhone 6 features. Apple itself is also very possessive about the release of its new iPhone just because of pressure which was created after the release of its previous iPhones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C . Apple now also having to face a great competition for its new upcoming iPhone because of now many other better options in the field like Galaxy, HTC etc and Apple have to compete with Android and Window phones.

iPhone 6

is it gorgeous?

New iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 images

iPhone 6 images

The reality about the release of iPhone 6 is that nobody knows about it. The Apple itself till now speaks nothing about its new iPhone and their isn’t any evidence surely about the release of new iPhone the all which is spread around is just a rumor on the basis of clues and discussions of experts.

Due to the competition of upcoming iPhone with windows and Android it is supposed that Apple release its new iPhone in two screen sizes.The one rumor about the delay in the release of new iPhone is that there is a battery issue in the iPhone 6 which is now sorting but causing delay. According to the previous release of Apple’s iPhone its is assume that the now also the Apple release its new iPhone in the month of September 2014 with the smaller screen size and other latter in the end of this year or in the star of the new year.

The Apple new iPhone is also expected to be release in the end of the year 2014 because it is also a rumor that in the new iPhone 6, sapphire glass is used which is produced by GT Advanced and according to them they earn many after the middle of this year which according to experts point out that after the supply of the sapphire glass in the mid of year Apple Produce its new iPhone so hopefully which release in the month of September with the screen size of 4.7 inch.

iPhone 6

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