Apple iphone 6 rumors features and Latest technology

Apple iphone 6 rumors

Apple iphone 6 rumors

The Apple iphone 6 rumor are quite surprise because Apple does not speak something about their new iPhone release date.The 1st Apple iphone 6 rumor is that it used the most advanced technology in its upcoming iPhone. According to the latest Apple iphone 6 rumor it is expected that in the upcoming iPhone named as iPhone 6 Apple modify its many features like wireless charging, Touch ID finger print sensors, First devise to run IOS 8, Thinner in the size approximately between 6mm and 7mm and more latest rumor about iPhone 6.

latest Apple iphone 6 rumors: using Wi-Fi Chip and Baseband Chips

Broadcom has presented a new 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip which is expected to be used in the iPhone 6. Apple used this chip just because of their previous traditions which provide up to 30% better Wi-Fi coverage and also increase efficiency of battery.

Many of the rumors also state that Apple use Baseband Chios which replaced all the working of antenna, Radio functions except the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. Currently the chips are provided by Qualcomm.

iphone new technology: Wireless Charging for efficient and better working

Always frustrated with the battery issues, impossible to charge the battery fully of iPhones to resolve this issue Apple used the Wireless charging by following the HTC and Nokia. It is expected to be possible by the use of baseband chips.  There’s a version of the BCM4354 that supports the Alliance for Wireless Power’s “Rezence” wireless charging standard, claims that report.

It is the latest Apple iphone 6 rumor that wireless charging technology is present in it. It uses the wireless charging to improve the battery life and resolve the charging issues.

Rumor Apple  iPhone 6: Design and Touch

Apple uses durable and damage resistant Corning Gorilla Glass for its previous iPhones, but reports have suggested that the company would now use sapphire crystal for next upcoming iPhone.

Sapphire crystal:

which Apple used for small iPhone parts like the camera lens and the home button of the 5s, which is estimated to be expensive to produce in larger quantities, but recently Apple deal with GT Advanced for sapphire production.

With GT Advanced’s technology and Apple’s investment, it is possible that the company may produce much larger quantities of sapphire crystal at a cheap rate for the production of next generation of Apple.

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