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I am a student of BS(CS) and a creative person too love to do research work and try to find something new every time.Do blogging as my hobby. You can contact me on Facebook, Google Plus, and Follow me on Twitter.

XaDay The Best App of the day for Organizing Photos and Media

This is an awesome app download it from google play its free! Enjoy With the new app for Android devices called XaDay you can manage your photos and albums with one simple click. The app is simple to use and comes available free of charge, moving your photos from an …

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Top 10 Interesting iPhone Facts

Here is the list of Top 10 interesting facts about your iPhone. These are Top 10 Secrets you probably don’t know about your iPhone. I can bet any one that he didn’t know them all. 1st iPhone Fact : There harvest almost 21 billion Apples Annually. but there are 50 …

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Skyrim Cheats (Tips and Tricks)

There’s nothing difficult then accessing then console to remind that am a PC gamer. It makes me very annoying. Except when I press ` accidentally and end up typing something like “fasdkf,ghlfopgye][.,@$^*()_rir9”. Now, We have a full list of Skyrim console commands, ranging from invincibility to the unlimited cash. It’s …

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