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    How to Switch iOS7 siri`s voice from Male to Female

    Now with the latest version of Apple we have an option of  Male to Female Voice Changer, For users of IOS7 it is possible to change the voice of siri`s according to their own choice Male to Female or Vice Versa.It is very easy and simple to change iOS7 siri`s voice. It takes very little […] More

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    10 Best iOS Games in 2o14

    As the year is coming to an end, we’ve compiled a number of good releases at its end. Here’s a list of some good titles which are going to end the year for you. Most of these are the games which have been lastly updated or released this November. THese are the best iOS games. […] More

  • Call of Duty: Ghost

    Call Of Duty: Ghost Plot

    Call of duty: Ghost is the latest addition to long running franchise of Activision, Call of duty. there’s been a lot of criticism on COD: Ghost and really split opinion about its plot and storyline, so here we’re gonna discuss the COD: Ghost plot in the most honest way one can do.   COD: Ghost […] More

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    How to root HTC JetStream

    A few days before someone ask me to root HTC JetStream tablet. Me and that person helped each other and root his Tablet. Today I think to explain all my experience and tell others How to root HTC JetStream Tablet so that they may not face difficulties which i face during rooting process. So now […] More

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    How to Root Google smartphone Nexus 5

    Google launched its smart phone Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 KitKat. Although it’s a very nice Android version but if you want  to customize your device efficiently rather than spending hours of time to customize your device because rooting your device removes all data and settings from your device. Installing a custom ROM or custom […] More

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    How to Unlock Costumes (Batman Arkham Origins)

    How to Unlock Costumes : You need to complete a task to unlock a costume Blackest Night: Play the Multiplayer mode, earn prestige. Dark Knight: Finish all Dark Knight challenges Injustice: Play channel mode, earn all medals New 52 Graphic: Capture all of the MOST WANTED Noel: Part of New Millennium Pack, locate all the […] More

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    Top 15 Exciting Nexus 7 Apps in 2013

    Today I am going to share Top 15 Nexus 7 Apps in 2013 with you. Just having a gadget is not enough you have to know all about it and make the best out of it. Like Now the topic here is about tablet Nexus 7 Apps and I have come out with a list […] More

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    Download: Far Cry 3 Review, Trailer, Cheats

    So today we are going to write about Far Cry’s latest installment, best of the series but it does have a number of flaws. Trailer of Far Cry 3   System Requirements for Far Cry 3 (Minimum) CPU: 2.0 GHZ dual-core processor RAM: 1GB Graphics: Nvidia 8-series or 3000 series of AMD Raedeon OS: Windows […] More

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    Call of Duty Black Ops ii Review, Cheats and Story of the Game

    I feel like writing on the most famous and anticipated titles of every up-coming year, a COD.Call of Duty Black Ops ii was released for the PS3, XBOX 360 and the Microsoft Windows on November 12th or 13th in 2012. Basic Requirements of Call of Duty Black Ops II Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 or […] More

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