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hey, I'm Usawal 23 Years Old Blogger,A Shopify Guy and Social Media Marketing Enthusiast. Internet Marketing Lover, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Facebook ads, E-commerce specialist pretty much everything about Marketing i love to learn. Contact with me at Facebook follow me at Twitter and add me at Google+

Auto Call Answering Machine for Android

When you are in a meeting or a place where you can’t answer your phone, or you are with your family and want to spend time with them, by giving break to your phone but still you don’t want to leave those calls. You want to have an Automatic system …

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5 Best Windows Phone 2013 for Windows Lovers

Android’s take on market for a time had pushed Best Windows Phone 2013down but Microsoft has reinvented the Windows Phones into competitive Windows Smartphones now. Windows lovers are not going to be disappointed anymore. If you are Windows lover and searching for the Best Windows Phone to buy, here is …

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