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Auto Call Answering Machine for Android

When you are in a meeting or a place where you can’t answer your phone, or you are with your family and want to spend time with them, by giving break to your phone but still you don’t want to leave those calls. You want to have an Automatic system to answer your calls. This can be done Auto Call Answering Machine for Android so that when your Android phone is out of coverage or you can’t attend the phone it saves the message for you to listen them up.
There are many apps present on Google Play which helps you out to solve this kind of problems like we have an app named as Call ANWERING MACHINE .Some screen shoots of this app are given bellow.

After installing tap to configure the settings

call answering machine for androidYou can also setup that after how many ring call will be picked up.

Call answering machinYou can setup Recording mod, if you want that you it louder you can select second option.

anwsering machin

So now you can record message in your own voice for a playback on call which you want to be answered automatically.

Record answering message

Its your inbox interface for Android Auto Call Answering Machine.

Call anwsering machin for android
It will act as Call Answering Machine for Android, you have many facilities available in this apps given bellow.

Facilities of Call Answering Machine for Android

  • There are different types of recording mode.
  • You can hear all your messages continuous without any pause.
  • This app also worked as background app.
  • Most of all this app is user friendly so you can easily use this and get rid of your problem and make your automatic Call Answering Machine for Android.

As there are many others app present on Google Play I recommend you to use SMART ANSWERING MACHINE  it have many good features that you love to have in your automatic Call Answering Machine for Android,
The new call reminder feature has many new changes which gives you a great advantage of using it, like you can easily put reminder to call  a person whom you want to contact on a specific time. It also helps to manage that whom calls you want to attend or whom you want to decline.

  • You can share your phone record with any one you want to.
  • You can easily record your important phone call whether it’s incoming or outgoing.
  • Easy to listen all recorded messages one by one.
  • Widgets are present to make your use easily and many more.
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