Battlefield 3 Trailer, System Requirements, Review and Unlockables


System Requirements for Battlefield 3

Minimum Requirements

OS: Pentium Dual Core 2.0


HDD: 20 GB

VGA: 8600GT or higher

Recommended Requirements for Battlefield 3

CPU: Core 2 Quad

GPU: GTX 560



OS: Windows 7

Battlefield 3 Trailer

Battlefield 3 a.k.a BF3 was released on October 25th, 2011. The third sequel to the famous EA installments, probably the only real competitor to the Call of Duty series. It is available for PC, PS3 and the XBOX 360. iOS users are expected to get a port as well! The game sold around five million copies within seven days.

 Story of Battlefield 3

As mentioned above, the game is really good at the multi-player side. You have tons of vehicles to drive in the beautiful environment provided. The best part and probably the unique of all other FPS (MP) games is that teamwork is the key to success and no “one-man” teams can even think of doing a fluke here. Although, don’t expect much from the single player campaign which is set in 2014 and it has only six co-operative missions to play.

As compared to the consoles, PC does have better visuals but you cannot underestimate the addiction which it has brought to the consoles as well.

Mutliplayer Roles: Each team may have an assaulter, support, engineer or a recon. Each soldier has his own responsibilities.

Battlefield 3 Sniper screenshots

Battlefield 3 (Sniper)

Assault: They are equipped with assault rifles and heal injured teammates.

Support: The support provides you extra ammunition and is equipped with LMGs.

Engineer: are good at destroying and repairing things.

Recon: Mortars, enough said?

Maps: You can choose from a total of nine big and beautiful maps. A total of 24 players can play at once! Each map has its own different characteristics; some have tunnels, some are urban, some are rural and some are based on military set-ups. You won’t get bored of these as many structures/buildings can be destroyed. All classes have their advantages in most of the maps as well.

Vehicles: It isn’t only the combat scenario which makes Battlefield such a huge success but the fact that you can drive vehicles which include buggies, tanks, helicopters and even jets is something which makes you hungry. You have to co-operate with your team-mates here as well, all of this is very exciting. The only con in my opinion is that you cannot fly jets to practice.

Points for An important aspect to all multiplayer games… you get points for kill and kill-assists (+ a number of objectives) as it is usually but now you get points for suppressing enemies as well.

Team-work: As mentioned above, team-work is a necessity in the Battlefield 3. Everything is just more effective if you and your team put some coordinated effort into it. You can spot the location of the enemies so it helps your team-mates or take a ride with them for the covering fire.

Battlefield 3

Re enforcement in Battlefield 3

Campaign: The last thing most of the usual gamers worry for such sequels is the single-player campaign. Battlefield’s isn’t something exceptional but pretty much what you can expect from it.

Co Op (Unlockables)

63,000 points for MP412 REX Pistol

126,000 points for KH2002 Assault Rifle

189,000 points for MP7 PDW

252,000 points for M39 EMR

315,000 points for 93R Pistol

378,000 points for SG553 Carbine

441,000 points for G3A3

Multiplayer Kit (Unlockables)

Assault Kit

4,000 points for Defibrillator

11,000 points for M320

22,000 points for M416

38,000 points for M26 MASS

60,000 points for AEK-971

89,000 points for M16A3

124,000 points for F2000

166,000 points for AN-94

220,000 points for M16A4 (RU) and AK-74M (US)

Engineer Kit

3,000 points for FIM-92 Stinger (US)

3,000 points for SA-18 IGLA (RU)

7,000 points for M15 AT Mine

14,000 points for SCAR-H

25,000 points for EOD Bot

40,000 points for M4

58,000 points for A-91

82,000 points for FGM-148 Javelin

110,000 points for G36C

145,000 points for M4A1 (RU) and AKS-74u (US)

Support Kit

4,000 points for C4 Explosives

11,000 points for M249

23,000 points for M18 Claymore Mine

40,000 points for M224 Mortar

60,000 points for PKP Pecheneg

90,000 points for M240B

130,000 points for M60E4

170,000 points for M2 IAR (RU) and RPK-74M (US)

Recon Kit

5,000 points for T-UGS

13,000 points for SV98

26,000 points for SOFLAM

45,000 points for MAV

71,000 points for SKS

104,000 points for M40A5

146,000 points for M98B

195,000 points for MK11 MOD 0 (RU) and SVD (US)


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