Best apps use in 2014 for iPhone and iPad

Today I am going to share with you the best apps of 2014 .these apps are widely use on 2014 and a lots of beneficial for the users.  The best apps of 2014 are following

Best apps of 2014

Ladybird: I’m ready to Spell (US$4.08)Lady bird im ready to spell

By Penguin Books

This app is best for children to learn Phonics Screening Check. You can also learn to pronounce the spellings. It provides three fun interactive space themed learning games. Because of its multiple levels it is suitable for all ages.

Swift Key Note (Free)

swift key-best app

By SwiftKey

This app is designed for both  iPhone and iPad. This app provides the facility to prepare notes fastly on iOS. It have the ability to facilitate the user with next-word predictions. This app is considered to be in the list of Best apps but the iOS, Apple cannont allowed to change their old keyboard.

Beats Music (Free)

By Beats Music, LLC

This is available in U.S. This is a completely new way to listen music. It provides the facility for music lovers to play music by single hit according to their mood choice and favorite artist. It allows you to play music on iPhone , Android,  Windows  and also on your computers.


 It is like a conventional search engine but is different from that it provides the facility to ask questions by the humans by using your already existing social network. By uploading pictures and pointing to specific point f pic you ask question from your social network what is that. It is best to help socially each other.

KORG Gadget (£19.99)

Roland Drum Machine, Best apps

It is the App of iPhone which provides the facility of producing electronic music for creative minded people. It consists of 15 different synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets”. By combining them you can produce pleasant music of your choice. It also allows to share the music on Dropbox, Sound cloud, Facebook like networks.


It helps you to collect all you feed like social news, world news into a magazine suitable for your android phone design. By selecting some topics of your choice your flipboard is composed on which you easily flip on photos your friends share or the news you have an interest. You can check everything the photos on Facebook or share on Instragram to videos from YouTube. You search ever thing like blog you like, articles of your interest, photos and photos and beautifully you flip them into a magazine and save anything you may want to read in future. You can easily access it through your widget.

Stack Exchange

stack exchange-best app

It is a network of more than 100 questioning and answering community to provide you everything with software programming for cooking, games and photography. It helps you to trap your all interest in a single place with a combined feed view. Within the community you search the questions or browse by tags, you can answer a question or vote for an answer or question. It is an officially declared app for Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Arqade.

DashClock Widget

Dash clock widget- best app

DashClock is a replacement of lock screen clocks widget for android 4.2+ pones and tablets. It also provides some additional items known as extensions. This widget comes with bundle of extensions with instant access, you may instantly access your Gmail inbox or priority selected conversations, the next alarm you schedule, the appointments you mark on your calendar, the current local weather, You check the miscalled and unread text massages. Before installing it you make sure your widget is turn on.

Best Apps Market (BAM)

BAM-best apps
It helps you to provide the easiest way to choose your new android apps. You may take as your smart assistant to help you to provide and select the apps you love and like most. It is totally free and android experts help you and personalized the daily best and free games and apps for you. It main features include it helps and provide you the daily updated list of games and apps according to your previous provided apps suggested you apps and free games you like.


viber-best apps

This provides the facility to whole world to connect. Viber facilitates its user by providing them the free facility of text, call send video messages pictures by using Wifi or 3G. you can use it easily n every where it provides you the HD sound quality to make free calls. Not only vibers users you can also use viber out to make calls, share videos and send messages at others or landline numbers at low rates. Viber is compatible with android tablets. Share photos, videos, voice messages, locations, stickers and emotions and user can make a group of 100 participants. Like Facebook it also have the Sticker Market, from which you download them making messaging fun. It also insures you your calls or messages even viber is off by using push notifications. Viber application is also compatibility used with Windows and mac.


If you are the power user of Dropbox, Ever-note and Google derive etc then you have to check this app which is recently available on app stores of iTunes. It content management tools are used to provide you the facility form sharing online files to everywhere, You can share a file  and knows that  when a file is shared, where you share a file, who share a file and when the changes are made you can easily access it when you needed. This apps is optimized for iPhone and is requires iOS 7 or latter and also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Gojimo – The Ultimate Revision App

This is the leading exam preparation app which provides the study guides and offers bundles of quizzes from highly recommended educational publishers. it have available contents for  Entrance test, GCSE, A-Level, IB, ACT (US), SAT  and AP (US). This app provides you help in for Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Law, Maths, Physics, Psychology and more for CE, GCSE, A Level, IB, Undergraduate and others. The in-app stores provide you the facility to sample purchases guides and quizzes between 30,000 quizzes you select randomly related to your topic. It is consider in  the best apps and is essential app for students to perform better in exams, they can download it an its totally free.

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