Best map Apps for Android and ipad in 2014

The Best map Apps by the android  used with great downloading rate are listed here for you.Enjoy the best map apps for your android and get fastest and simple rooting for travel.

Google play - best map app

Best map Apps of 2014

1.Google Maps

download it from Google play.

Now Google is the best tool for us to search our questions is not it? To search for maps Google Map is the best map app to search the way. It provides voice guide for driving and walking. It also shows the live traffic  and incident informations. This is the best app because it also provide the detailed information about the places.

GPS Essentials- Best map


2.GPS Essentials

It is a  free app, Download it from Google play.

It is Considered the totally complete tool GPS tool in the market. It is best it provides the complete information. It have a dashboard with 45 gadgets which provide information about actual Speed, Sunrise, Sunset,  Moon set, Moonrise, Distance, ETA, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed, Max Speed, Min Speed. Compass which shows the Earth`s magnetic orientation, arbitrary tracing angel and current tracking angel. Map, Camera and lot of More.

3.Navfree: Free GPS Navigation

navfree-best map apps

For Download use Google Play.

It provides you fast  rooting map with the facility that no data connections are required.  Switch between different modes according to your choice for example you may change root from driving to walking. It provides auto redirection if we take wrong turn.

 4.StarStruck Navigation

starstruck navigation

  Download it from Google Play free of cost.

This app supports the position of Sun, Moon and 57 navigation stars and all of Planets.You have to just enter the sextant information of star then this will calculate your position according to them on map and you can zoom it around the world. It also calculate the altitude of the star in degree an minutes by using your iPhone which have sensors, Moving in the direction of star tells the position therefore it is considered as a complement to sextant. This is best app to provide information related to astronomy helps to learn your childs about astronomy. It provides name of stars, planet and GMT time of observations. It is more user friendly then GPS and battery friendly.

5.Soviet Military Maps Freesoviet miltary maps-best map apps

To Download use Google Play

It is the perfect moving map for adventure travels, offroad trips and expeditions which may be of geographical, political, scientific or may be for military purpose It is considered the detailed and best topomaps for many countries of Asia and Africa. this app has the coverage of Google map, topomap and street views map. By using this map you can set your travelling root in advance.  This map have a free version available but the free version have some limitations like that it can not provide Offline Search.

Find My Friendfind my friends- best map app

You download it from Google play

This is the best map app to locate the location of your friends and relative and friends you don’t have any need to continuously stay connected with them and ask text “where are you”. Once this app is installed on your phone you can easily locate your family circle and friends. If you have to attend he friends party but you don’t know his location by simply using it you may find a root for  the party place. It updates quickly so you always find accurate current location.

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