Beyond Two Souls Short Review, Plot and Trailer

578284_247088955404067_868721141_n Beyond Two Souls is a PlayStation 3 interactive drama exclusive. That was released on 8th October and 11 October for the European region. The developers are Quintic Dream whereas it is published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

TRAILER of Beyond Two Souls

Plot Beyond Two Souls : We are all surrounded by spirits, we can’t see them but deep-down we know they’re somewhere in this world. The game is based on Jodie’s life who is encountering a similar fate. Jodie Holmes is an eight year old, lives in a military base along with Philip and Susan who are her foster parents. Now Jodie has always had a very strange connection with a mysterious creature named Aiden. Aiden and Jodie turned out to be a pretty bad pair; one incident almost killed one of their neighbors. Jodie was taken to the Department of Paranormal Activity where she learn to control Aiden and the powers which the pair share.

Jodie Beyond Two Souls

Jodie Beyond Two Souls

Aiden – an invisible entity has been a part of Jodie’s life, almost everywhere. You get to see the stories through the eyes of both characters.  Jodie’s character is restricted to real-life game play. You interact with doors and other things just like humans do. However, Aiden will be able to walk through walls and fly around as he wishes to. Each character has his/her advantages which you can switch to (such as Aiden can hear things which aren’t in the range of Jodie’s ears) Jodie wants to live a normal life and that’s why she gets annoyed of Aiden’s presence sometimes. As Aiden passes his thoughts over to Jodie, she has a limited approach. She stays quiet when she should be speaking like she’s cooking for her boyfriend or something. Jodie is nice to Aiden but she doesn’t want him to control all of her actions. You don’t really know what Aiden wants; attention or Jodie’s greater good. You have control over Jodie’s actions and reactions. Sarcastic, aggressive, truthful or lying is up to you. Some of the decisions you make have little impacts on the game-play. Although, the main-plot works as it wants to. Using your powers will be one of the choices i.e. if you want to use your powers in a party and scare everyone or just act nice and be normal. P.S: There are a total of 20 vignettes and your actions reset after completing each one of them. So your story won’t be tuned as your liking, only that chapter will.


Jodie Beyond Two Souls

The story-line is really interesting, how Jodie transforms from a little child to a confident teen. Some parts are sentimental, funny or full of anger. You won’t get bored of this out-standing scary experience. You will go through all emotions and keep enjoying the game. Ycan buy this by clicking below button. Top-notch exclusive stuff to make the PS3 users proud!    

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