How to Block a Phone Number on Android

Hello guys today i am going to tell you that, How can you Block a Phone Number on Android here is a simple way to do so.
Block a Number

Block a Phone Number on Android

Your android becomes the best way of getting close to your family and friends and those who loves you a lot, you can have conversation with them daily. Despite of these there are other peoples in the world too with whom you don’t want to talk or you are in a place where you don’t want to pick up a person’s call or the telemarketers disturb you all the day and you are tired of unknown numbers. Now its time to get rid of these problems your service provider may help you out in this problem or you can Block a Phone Number by using  an app but they will charge you for this. Who is going to pay them when your android phone is sensible enough and have features in itself, there are different procedure for different cell phones like;
Voicemail redirection on Nexus 4 and Call baring for x-peria T and HTC one like this every android has its specific function for that. Like on Samsung Galaxy you can just follow these steps

  • Go to the Phone
  • Tap to the Menu
  • Tap to the Call Settings
  • Then go to the Call Rejection
  • After this go to te auto reject list now you can create a list of those number whom you don’t want to answer or you want to ignore for the specific period of time.

You can change that when you want without any coast. There are also some apps present which help you to Block a Phone Number  like MR.NUMBER it helps you to protect you from unwanted messages and calls and most of all it helps your phone to protect from spam. CALL BLOCKER it can also helps you out to Block a Phone Number but you can only enjoy its full pleasure by buying that app. You can also use GOOGLE VOICE to block the unwanted call for this you have to go to contacts then choose the contact whom you want to ignore then go to edit Google voice settings>When this contact calls you then you can choose different options you want to do like sent to voicemail, treat as spam or block caller.

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