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    Top 10 Interesting iPhone Facts

    Here is the list of Top 10 interesting facts about your iPhone. These are Top 10 Secrets you probably don’t know about your iPhone. I can bet any one that he didn’t know them all. 1st iPhone Fact : There harvest almost 21 billion Apples Annually. but there are 50 billion apps iPhone had sold […] More

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    Beyond Two Souls Short Review, Plot and Trailer

    Beyond Two Souls is a PlayStation 3 interactive drama exclusive. That was released on 8th October and 11 October for the European region. The developers are Quintic Dream whereas it is published by Sony Computer Entertainment. TRAILER of Beyond Two Souls Plot Beyond Two Souls : We are all surrounded by spirits, we can’t see them […] More

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    Why Facebook App Keeps Crashing on iPhone

    Many User experience the problem that Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone. Here are some simple and effective solutions for this problem. How to fix when Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone: Facebook app does create some problem on iPhone. Sometimes Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone. Main problem that many users face is that […] More

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    10 Best Websites to Play Free Online Games

    Internet has provided Free gaming facilities. Now you do not require to buy disk drives for different kind of software. You just simply download them for internet. Many different kinds of websites providing different kinds of facilities to compete with other sites. Now you do not require to download game first. You can just simply visit […] More

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    Five Best Racing Games For Android

    Today Android phones are more than just simple phones. You can play HD and 3D games on your Android. Here are the five best racing games for android. Asphalt 7 Heat: Asphalt 7 is most famous racing game these days. It includes many new features. It includes 60 cars from the most impressive manufacturers. It also […] More

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    How to use the Google Play Wishlist feature

    What is Google Wishlist? Google wishlist is a feature of Google play added in 2012. Its about creating a list of your wishes on Google play. Any thing you likes to play or watch later on Google play you can add it to your wishlist to do that later and it’s very fast and easy to […] More