Complete Guide: How Do I Change Font Size or Style On Android

One of  the good thing about Android is that you can change your device as you wish. There are number of application in android market Google play. Some application are paid but numbers of application are free.

Today  am going to tell you How Do I Change Font Size On Android. There are two ways to perform this task one is manual and one is through application.

How Do I Change Font Size On Android manually:

  1. First of all go to settings.
  2. In settings you found display.
  3. Tap on display then you found font size by scrolling down.
  4. Now tap on font size and change font length or style  as you want.

How Do I Change Font Size On Android by application:

An another way to Change Font style and size is by Installing application on your device.It is easy way as compare to manual method.

  1. First of all install Big Font application on your device.
    big font


  2. After installing application tap on application Big Font you found in Apps.


  3. Now if you want to Change Font Size then slide right side on screen to increase font size and slide left side to decrease font size.
    font size


Here is the link to  Download Big font

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