Video Included: How To Check Device Is Rooted Or Not

This a common question asked by the people who buy new cell phones and not knows whether their new bought device is rooted or not?  In this article I will tell u the way by which u can check that your Device Is Rooted or Not.

Procedure to check whether Device is rooted or Not:

If u want to check that your Device Is Rooted or not you have to just follow some simple steps which are given below.
For your android Device :-

  1. First of all You have to install App Drawer in your device.
  2. Now open your app drawer by taping on its icon. The  App drawer icon is represented by Circle having six dots in it as you can see in figure below.
    How to check device is rooted or not (app drawer icon)

    app drawer

    Just click this button to Download App Drawer

  3. App Drawer from Google Play
  4. Superuser-App-Icon

    Superuser App Icon

    If an app by the name of superuser or super user (SU) is present in app drawer then it’s mean that your Device Is Rooted. These apps are installed in device when the device is being rooted. If  these apps are not present in app drawer then you can say that your device might be not rooted before.

  5.  Their is another way to check either your Device Is Rooted or not. For that you have to just Install an app named as Simple Root Checker. By Installing this you can easily check your Device Is Rooted or Not. Just click following button to download Simple root checker.

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