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Call Of Duty: Ghost Plot

Call of Duty: Ghost
Call of duty of ghost

Call of duty: Ghost is the latest addition to long running franchise of Activision, Call of duty.

there’s been a lot of criticism on COD: Ghost and really split opinion about its plot and storyline, so here we’re gonna discuss the COD: Ghost plot in the most honest way one can do.


COD: Ghost Plot

The story of COD: Ghost is written by the academy award winning writer Stephen Gaghan.

In COD: Ghost one of your main character’s name is Logan Walker although there are several playable characters in COD: Ghost so you don’t have to worry about that you’ll get sick playing only one character.

First thing first the term “Ghost” in the game’s title doesn’t literally means ghost. Ghost is a team of specially trained and experienced group of 15 unnamed soldiers , they conduct dangerous and important missions behind the enemy lines.

COD: Ghost is set in an alternate future where Middle East has been destroyed by Kinetic bombs and the powerful nations of south America forms in to a organization called “The federation”  which becomes the superpower as they start to conquer  Central America.

the main villain of COD: Ghost is a traitor and ex member of Ghost which was tortured by “The Federation” and now he works for them.

Ghost uses guerrillas tactics and advance military training to fight the federation The mission of Ghost is to take to survive and take back the thing from the federation which is rightfully theirs (their country).

If i explain anything further than this it will simply spoil you experience of playing the game and knowing it on the way, i won’t say that COD: Ghost is a disgrace to this childhood favorite franchise of activision but they could’ve done so much better, there were so much possibilities and as it being the face of new era of gaming, things could’ve been much more better than what they currently are.

Still it’s fun to play shooter game and not to forget it has awesome multi-player mode in which tons of new much needed features has been added such as

Multiplayer Features

  • Leaning around corners when in cover
  • Sliding
  • In Depth Character Customization
  • Bigger than ever maps (much needed feature)
  • New Perks System

You see that’s a job well done, they listened to their user’s and added the much needed anticipated features that were requested by its users.

if you have any questions and feedback don’t hesitate to tell us


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