Comparison between iPhone and Android Operating System – Which is Best

Today the modern technologies are over taking the previous ones. There is a lot of competition between different brands specially in smart phones. iPhone and Android smart phones are extensively used all around the world. There is much difference between both iPhone and Android’s Operating System. Both have different interface different applications and even different app store. Here you will see the Comparison between both Android and Iphone. 

iPhone Operating System:

So I will start with apple history and other facts about iphone operating system, is it batter than Android or not

iPhone History till 2013:

The first ever iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs in January  2007. It was made as a full computer that can made phone calls.

iPhone History

Mr Steve Jobs representing First ever iPhone launched in 2007

Steve Jobs called the iPhone “a magical and revolutionary product”  and also he added that “it is five years ahead of any mobile phone”.

Very First Iphone release:

When the first iPhone was released by Apple users bought iPhone in a very large amount. More than five million mobile phones were sold.

Very first iphone

Client’s excitement after buying very first iPhone when it was launched.

After a year and half iPhone launched iPhone 3G with improved software. Later on iPhone store iTunes was launched. iPhone 3G was also very successful. Where iPhone was very successful than many companies made touchscreen smart phones to beat iPhone but really it was a useless effort.

iphone competitors

in June 2010 iPhone 4 was introduced. It has high resolution screen, a new shape and a front camera for Video calling. And after one year Apple introduced iPhone 5. iPhone has more efficient features than any previous version.

iPhone 5 in white color

History of iPhone shows that Apple was very successful with every iPhone. iPhone 5 was the last product launched by Apple. Lets wait and see what’s coming.

Worldwide iPhone Users:

iPhone is used all around the world. According to the IDC worldwide shipments 2012, 21%  IOS are worldwide used.

Worldwide Users of iPhone

Graph representation of Worldwide Users of iPhone

List of iPhone versions:
iPhone has launched total 6 devices till 2013.

  1. First is iPhone 1st generation. It has OS(operating System) 1.0 . It can support OS up to 3.13 . It is available in 4, 8, 16 GB.
  2. Second device which Apple launched is iPhone 3G.  It has iOS 2.0 . it can support Os up to 4.2.1 . It is available in 8 and 16 GB.
  3. Third one is iPhone 3 GS. It has iOS 3.0  and can support up to 6.1.3 . It will available 32 GB , 16 and 8 GB.
  4. Next device which Apple launched is iPhone 4. It’s GSM model has iSO 4.0 and it’s CDMA model has iSO of 4.2.5 .  It is also available in 8, 16 and 32 GB.
  5. Next is iPhone 4S. It has iOS of 5.0 and it can support up to iSO of 7 .  It is available in 16, 32 and 64 GB.
  6. Last and the most latest iPhone is iPhone 5. it has 6 iSO and can support upto 7. It is available in 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Functions of iPhone Operating System:

Apple has introduced so many functions in iPhone that basic function of cell phones looks a second priority. Here we will discuss about the important features of iPhone.

1. iPhone is just like your Personal Computer. You can perform every task on iPhone as easily as you can do on PC.

Comparison between iPhone and Android Operating System

2. iPhone has web browser similarly as you have in your PC. You can visit full version of websites with complete ease. As in other mobile phones you can only visit the mobile version of the site.

3. iPhone has built in E.mail feature in it. You can easily check your E.mails through                      it.

iPhone Email

iPhone Email

4. iPhone has calendar and PDA for you assistance.

5. You can listen to music through iPod.

iPod in iPhone

iPod in iPhone

6. You cab watch HD Videos  on iPhone.

7. iPhone has HD Camera on its back and also you can record 720 HD videos.

8. iPhone has app store with many kinds of apps. It includes social networks

like Facebook and Twitter. It also has too many 3D and HD games. So app store                      makes the use of iPhone more interesting.

App Store

App Store

9. You have Volume Control Buttons  on your iPhone which is also an ease.

10. You can connect your iPod  on your iPhone  with iTunesOnce you are connected                     to iTunes you can Sync your music, videos and other things. iTunes is also used to                   restore your all settings you have saved.

apple iTunes

Android Operating System:

The most hot operating system now a days is android OS which powered by Google. Let me go in details about its history and how its killing iphones sales and users.

History of Android:

In 2003 Andy Rubin  started a company name Android.This company was trying to make a Software for cell phones and also working to built a digital camera in it. In 2005 Google acquired the Android and took a flying start to built a Android Operating System. In 2008 Google joined T-Mobile and they launched the First Android Phone named G1. It was the start of the era of Android. After G1 many Android smart phones were launched. Motorola launched Motorola Droid. It became very famous. After that Google launched Nexus in 2010 which was not very successful. Also in 2010 Samsung launched Galaxy S smartphones. Galaxy was a series containing many Android Devices. And it sold over 100 million Galaxy smartphones. HTC also joined the race of Android.

In 2011 new version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich was launched. It gave Android a better look. Then in 2012, Samsung launched Galaxy S3 which became the most selling phone after iPhone. Then in 2012 Google launched a new update in Android called Jelly Bean. This is the most latest version of Android.

Many Small local Mobile Phone Companies are also making Android Phone. Which make the Android the most selling Smartphone all around the world.

Android Operating System in glaxy S3

Glaxy S3 is most hot smart phone by Samsung in 2013 and its on android operating system.

Number of Android Users Worldwide:

There are millions of Android Users all around the world. Android smartphone are used more than any other phones. IDC Worldwide smartphone shipment 2012 shows the following figures

Number of Android Users Worldwide:

graph about Number of Android Users Worldwide:

List of Android phones:         

Now another important question is that which smartphone company in selling more smartphones. Another report of IDC shows that Samsung individually selling the 29% of the smartphones.

Smartphone Selling Brands

Smartphone Selling Brands

Functions of Android Phones:

Android Smartphones have many Functions. Which make the User to do task very easily and some of the function are different from iPhone and even some are those function which iPhone do not have. Here are the some important features of Smartphones.
Android Phones have unique interface and it is also different from iPhone.

interface of android phone

Interface of android phone

  • You can set Shortcut on your home screen and also change them according to your need.
  • Android phones have Bluetooth which can connect any other phone unlike iPhone.
  • You can also use a Memory Card as an external source of memory.

Pros and Cons between iPhone and Android:

Both iPhone and Android have some unique features. Which are different from each other. Let’s discuss both


  1.  iPhone looks like a decent handset and perfect in size unlike some android phones which are bigger in size.

    iPhone 5 A decent handset

    iPhone 5 A decent handset

  2. iPhone is very reliable.
  3. You can receive OS updates.
  4. iPhone also has good battery time.
  5. iPhone’s app store has more apps than android app store.


  1. Widgets
  2. You can quickly switch from one window to other.
  3. Bluetooth that can be connected with any handset.
  4. Android is cheaper in price than iPhone.

Conclusion: The Final Question is which smart phone is better?

This Answer of this Question is your choice. You become addicted to one smartphone and then only use the modern version of it.

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