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Crysis 3 logo

Crysis 3 logo

We’ll be writing on the third sequel of the very famous Crysis series, something which had really surprised the world because of its immense graphics. Crysis 3 was released on February 19, 21 for both the consoles and the PC. It is based on the CryEngine 3 and has the following system requirements.

Crysis 3 Trailer

Minimum System Requirements for Crysis 3

OS: Windows Vista

GPU: DirectX 11 supported (GTS 450 or higher)

CPU: Dual Core or higher

RAM: 2GB or more

Recommended System Requirements  for Crysis 3

OS: Windows Vista, 7

GPU: DirectX 11 (Nvidia GTX 560 or higher)

CPU: Quad Core

RAM: 4GB or more


Review of Crysis 3

To be honest, Crysis 3 is not what we expected as compared to its first sequel which had amazing graphics and something only a good PC of that time could handle. Crysis 3 does have something which you might not find in the first or the second installment but it isn’t something which would really impress you.

Story: The game follows the events of the previous sequel. The New York City is inside a giant dome which and is pretty much destroyed and what’s left is now decaying…




We all know what Crytek does best is graphics; Crysis 3 is even more tweaked and has three types of antialiasing. At least graphics are really pretty, they won’t disappoint you. New York City is getting rusty and the buildings are all out of their original shapes. Trees are grown in the middle of the streets but all of this is a treat to the eye.

Artificial Intelligence

The first point to raise would be the AI for the opponents because even on the toughest difficulties, they aren’t that hard to fight with. You already know that you’re equipped with an epic suit which can help you out of many situations and in Crysis 3, that suit can be modified even further so you’re faster, stronger and stealthier. You’ll be given a lot of different opportunities and even more ammunition and weapons (Assault Rifles, bows with exploding arrows etc.) to take care of your enemies.


The multiplayer now allows you to create your own classes as per your own liking. You will have to collect XP (experience points) and unlock different items with their hep. These items are various abilities, equipment and some upgrades to your weapons. Yes, you can also use the cloak ability but you won’t be to totally invisible as you are in the single-player. Although, you’ll be some-what transparent!

P.S: You don’t see many players playing such games after a number of days have gone by (Call of Duty and other multiplayer games are what people want to play again and again) this game was for single-player scenario and the multiplayer comes as a bonus.

In the end I’d say that Crysis 3 is somewhat a mixture of Crysis 1 & 2 and the resultant is something which isn’t something you’d call perfect. The single player is shorter than the last sequels and you wouldn’t enjoy it like before either.

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