Why Facebook App Keeps Crashing on iPhone

Many User experience the problem that Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone. Here are some simple and effective solutions for this problem.

How to fix when Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone:

Facebook app does create some problem on iPhone. Sometimes Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone. Main problem that many users face is that when you download Facebook app from App Store and run it, it crashes every time. There is no solid way to solve this problem but still there are some methods which are useful to solve this problem.

facebook crashes

Rebooting iPhone:

Reboot your iPhone. Means switch of your iPhone completely, and then turn it on. By following this step you can clear data which is potentially problematic and also it prevent many types of crashes. It is the simplest way to prevent your Facebook app from crashing on iPhone.

reboot iPhone

Turning on and off iPhone

Re Installing the Facebook app:

If first procedure does not solve your problem and Facebook app keeps crashing then there is another way to solve this problem. The other easiest way to do solve this problem is that you can re install the Facebook app form Apple app store. To delete Facebook app form your iPhone, press and hold on Facebook app in your menu then a cross sign on Facebook app icon will appear. By toughing that cross you can remove Facebook app.

deleting Facebook, facebook app keeps crashing

Deleting Facebook from iPhone

You can easily re install Facebook directly from Apple app store or by using iTunes.

download facebook, Facebook app keeps crashing

Downloading Facebook from iTunes

Some user have experienced that if Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone and they re download it directly form app store it can also solve problem.

Restoring iPhone:

If re installing Facebook doesn’t solve your problem and Facebook app keeps crashing on iPhone then there is another way to solve this problem. You can restore you iPhone to solve this problem. Connect your iPhone to PC then connect it to iTunes. Click the restore button which is under the summery tab and restore it.

restore iPhone, Facebook app keeps crashing

Restoring iPhone via iTunes.

Please keep it in mind that by restoring all your contacts, calenders, photos and all the other data on your phone will be erased, but it will restore automatically backed up information including you contacts, calenders, photos, call history and messages e.tc.

if your iPhone keeps crashing then this is the best way to solve your problem but if you find another way to solve it let us know. Because this problem do not have a proper solution.

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