Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats, Review, mods xbox 360

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition is the popular game in the category of action. This wonderful game was released in October 2010, the developers of this game is famous Bethesda soft works This action game is basically based on post apocalyptic open world environment around the area of Arizona.

fallout new vegas mods xbox 360

The main character of this game is control by us whose name is Courier who is hired by a postal service company to take an unknown package. Accidentally the parcel was stolen and the man was injured later on the robot find the person heal them and then the revenge starts. This is a complete story based game with amazing graphics.

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Specialty of the Game fallout new vegas xbox 360

Welcome to the new world of action series game, in this package you will get all latest New Vegas content in which dead money, Honest hearts, old world blues and lonesome road is included. In this version the character is fully equipped with latest and unique weapons. The graphics of this game is really awesome which makes you addict of it. The character modeling is good and you will enjoy while playing it. Overall this is a complete package of entertainment with suspense. You must play this game in your free time so that you could also enjoy the Fall out New Vegas.

Cheats for fallout new vegas xbox 360

Below there are some cheats of this game:

  1. Don’t die from falling

If you are falling and before you reach ground save the game and load it you will land lightly on the ground.

  1. Steal all 37 Gold bars

When you enter in the vault, take all 36 gold bars deactivate the security system and read only the file whose name is VERA. Do not access the file which starts after letter Y.

  1. Kill without gaining Infamy

To apply this cheat you must have rifle with incendiary ammo. Equip your rifle and change the ammo type to incendiary, while targeting use VATS and quit VATS after targeting. Now the target is one fire without gaining infamy.

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

My Personal Experience About the new vegas xbox 360

Fall out is a very famous game, this version has equipped with new and interesting things which make your time good. According to my opinion this is good game in the category of action. This is a complete story based game which connects you all the time with previous scene; you will never get confused about the game. The character building and unique weapons is the beauty of this game. Overall it is a good game, you must try this game once for your entertainment.

Some Screen shots of fallout new vegas xbox 360:

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Fallout New Vegas Xbox 360

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas

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