FIFA 14 Review, Cheats and Requirements

After FIFA 13, FIFA 14 is the best game of the FIFA series.Here is a short review of the game with proper guide  hop so it will help you guys.


Minimum System Requirements for FIFA 14

Operating System: Windows Vista SP 1 / Windows 7
CPU: 1.8GHZ Core 2 Duo or higher
RAM: 2GB RAM or higher
Hard Drive: At least 8 GB free
Video: 256mb Video Card (Pixel Shader 3.0) ATI Radeon HD 3600, NVIDIA GEFORCE 6800GT

Recommended System Requirements for FIFA 14

Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7/8.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad/AMD Athlon II X4 or higher
RAM: 2GB or higher
Hard Drive: 8GB of free space
Video Cards: 8800GT, ATI Radeon HD 4650

Pros of FIFA 14

Pros: The gameplay is relatively new and adds more depth into realism. As expected tactics and tricks are updated as anticipated, new ball physics and a lot of teams which can be modified with new scouting options.

Cons of FIFA 14

Cons: As compared to FIFA 13, the game-modes are identical and the graphical textures haven’t improved that much in FIFA 14.
Right before the next-gen consoles were to release, FIFA 14 has arrived. If you’re one of the regular FIFA players then you’d know that expecting a lot of changes would be just a disappointment and that’s exactly how it is.

What has changed and the important points?

  • The first thing you’d notice is the menu screens which are now beautiful and a treat to your eye. To sum it up, they’re identical to the latest Windows tiles-like layout!
  • Career Mode – The most notable difference is the “global scouting network” feature which is a lot better than the former ones.
  • Looking at the game-play videos won’t tell you much; you’ll think that the game is pretty much the same with little improvements, that isn’t true. It is worth the money and you can call it a successful successor.
  • Graphics and the game-play engine have been altered but not much.
  • Players have intertia!

Shoots of FIFA 14

Something which caught my eye is the realistic shooting experience which is based on the player’s shooting angle, balance and other players’ interaction. You have to use the right foot/angles for the right curls(and dips) In short, it something which we have never seen before. The players have their kick-taking specialties (Cristiano Ronaldo, Garth Bale dipping free kicks) I can assure you that one of the first things to entertain you would be the new shooting mechanism called Pure Shot!

  • The player animations are heavily focused (breathing footballers, clay effects etc.)
  • The player movement (even when not in your control) is more realistic.
  • As mentioned above, the skills are improved and mostly on the right stick.
  • Some of the graphical and other improvements include animated photographers and managers moving in their zone. Almost everything has its basics; we expect all of this to be even better in the next-gen consoles.
  • You won’t have to spend more than your already spent £40 but there’s an option to buy numerous items with in-game transactions.

To sum it up:

The user interface is good and everything feels fresh. The character models look a little plastic but still good. The sequel comes every year and I believe it has improved to the extent it could have been done. It might not be perfect but it is still the best football game.

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