How to fix home button wake for Samsung Galaxy S3

Problem with Samsung Glaxy S3:

fix home button wake for Samsung Galaxy S3

fix home button wake for Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a mechanical home button (key) on front which works just like the power key and wakes up your phone when it is in stand-by mode.

When you have have your device in trouser pocket. it may happens that home key got pressed unintentionally and display got unlocked. Besides the high consumption of battery due to active display it may also give input to your device. I have experienced this more than one time that when i took my phone out of the pocket an app was active or the settings were modified rather i supposed that device is locked at the moment.

Solution for the Problem:

Here is one solution that you can set password or pattern to unlock your device but still if your device’s home button got pressed unintentionally your device’s batter will consume when your device’s display turn “on” or “lightens”. and the direct access to shortcuts or power widgets on front screen will not be possible longer due to password screen or pattern.

Here is another solution which disables the device wake through home key however for this you should have root rights. That’s am going to tell you today. This principle is applicable to Samsung Galaxy S3,  mini and S Duos or some other devices.

I don’t take any responsibility of any damage by your modification in system files. Do modifications at your own risk.

Procedure to fix home button wake :

  • Open Directory/system/user/key layout by using apps like Root Browser or Tech Commander.
  • Here You Find the file named as “gpio-keys.kl” or “sec_key.kl”, “surf_keypad.kl” for other devices than S3 mini.
  • when you open this you find following content in them:
key 116 POWER WAKE
key 172 HOME WAKE

  • The main part we have concern with is the last line (key 172     HOME  WAKE) which defines that Home key should do wake function to activate display.
  • We have to remove wake from here but if we remove this line from here directly it may be our home key stops working for whole functions.
  • So here you have to add a “#” sign and a space before last line in the code.
  • And add a new line as (key 172             HOME).
  • Now new code should look like this:
key 116 POWER WAKE
# key 172 HOME WAKE
key 172 HOME

After saving this file your Android restarts. and your device wakes on only on power key. and you will be free from the tension of unintentional unlocks of your device in your trouser or any where.

If you wants to revert the changes of your device you have to just restore the entry in file and save changes then restart the device.

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