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Gone Home

Gone Home Trailer

Gone Home is a first-person game full of mysteries, exploration and puzzles. The game was published by The Fullbright Company and published as well. It was released on August 15th, 2013 for PCs only.

Minimum System Requirements for Gone Home

CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHZ



DirectX: 9


Recommended System Requirements for Gone Home

CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHZ

GPU: Geforce GT 340 or Raedoeon X1900 GT


Direct X: DX 9

HDD: 1.5 GB

Short Story of Gone Home

The game is all about a mansion in Arbor Hill to which Kaitilin Greenbriar returns on June 7, 1995. she was expecting that all his family was at home but she didn’t find any person at home then she starts finding them and Just like everything in your house has its own story (how it came, why it came, why’s the window broken or why is it broken?) the game offers you the same.

You will be playing as the elder daughter of Jan and Terry Greenbriar, Kaitilin Greenbriar who was gone to Europe for a year. Samantha/Sam, your sister has left a note for you on the door which requests you to not look for her or where she is now. After you get concerned, you realize none of your folks are home and the answering machine has a number of emotional messages which are asking Sam to pick-up. Katie/you get to a number of notes and letters which you and Sam have exchanged with each-other and these letters tell you about the story of one another.

GoneHome Postcard

Kaitilin Greenbriar letter

Kaite learns that her family has moved into another house and Sam is now in another school where a senior girl who is often dressed up in an Army uniform has got her attention but she doesn’t know her name and hasn’t got the chance to speak to her. Later, she realizes that her name is Lonnie and she wants to see “the Psycho House” which her uncle left for their family and unfortunately, because of that Psycho House Sam was recognized as The Psycho House Girl. Lonnie and Sam become good friends; they share everything with each-other for months and build a strong relationship where they call each-other “beautiful”

After spending a number of more days, they go into a Halloween show in the city and sleep together where things get warm and Lonnie tells Sam that she likes her. Later, both of them get into a secret relationship. Katie also learns that her father started to write novels and sold some, later he gave up on it and after a number of years another publishing firm wanted to re-publish his books.


Sam and Lonnie are now really close; they’ve been doing everything which a good couple would do. They fight for each-other and defend each other at school as well. What you have to find out is that where and why your family is now…

This game will let you experience all sort of emotions. It is good for those who like stories and a little of horror but the bottom part is that it involves a lesbian couple.


Sam’s Locker Combination: 0-5-0-1

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