How to get Google Play Refund App Within The 15 Minutes

For some paid app there is free trail version. On trail version the only difference is that you’ll find that they are ad-supported. If you upgrade the trail version of  the app it may remove the ads and nothing else, so  you may not even need the paid version. However, many paid versions of apps offer the best features – you know, their selling point.

Let’s say you purchased an app from Google play. After using that app you found there is nothing interesting in the app or app is freezing your device or occurring problems. then don’t worry it’s not a big issue you can easily refund app.

If the app is costly and think  it just eat the cost. You can request a refund from the developer. In the time of 15 Minute you are able to Google Play refund app. For this you had to just go to app page and tap the refund app Button and you will get refund of your app and you have no-hassle and no-queries as by Google Refund Policy.

Refund App After 15 Minutes:

As in Previous Days Google had changed its time limit of policy for Refund an App from 24-Hours to 15 Minutes. But You can get refund by following these simple steps

1. Go to Google Play Account page from your PC or Android Device. login your Google account, in this URL


2. Click Report a problem link for the app you want your money back.

3. Click I’d like to request a refund from the drop down menu of select an option.

4. Fill out a strong valid reason and Press Send Report button.

because your valid time has passed for refund app  you should have a strong reason here so that Google Refund you your money.I had tried this 2 to 3 times and Google paid me my money. There’s no guarantee for your refund, but I got confirmation email that I got refund in minutes. I think this all depends upon your strong arguments and valid reasons. Thanks 🙂

Author: Umair Gujjar

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