GTA 5 Trailer launched, Sacreenshots & Release Date

Rockstar has released the GTA 5 gameplay trailer, showing how the player can swap between the characters during missions .Publisher Rockstar continues to tees new GTA 5 features ahead of the game’s  eagerly awaited release date next month.

GTA 5 Trailer launched

Players can switch between each of the three main characters even during the missions.Which is showcased in the newly released GTA 5 game trailer given below.

swapping between trreveor, franklin and Michael is possible during missions to Chang the perspective of the current action. Well this shown in a fast paced action sequence where the player changes between Michael breaching a window to attack a room full enemies, and franklin, perched on a opposite rooftop with a sniper rifle picking off attackers.

The use of three lead characters also allow for  touch voyeurism, When there is no mission, as you can drop any where and find what your new friends have been up to, as they go about their days” Explain Rockstar in the trailer of GTA 5.

A vast expensive world, around three times larger than the Red Dead Redemption landscape, is filled with new activities to experience,It seems like, it plays on the comedic and enjoyable rather than the dark aspects.

The game world is beautiful massive and diverse.A sprawling satirical  imagining of southern California covering mountains, oceans and expensive stores and strip malls urban decay  and untouched wilderness, beeches and backwoods the sublimes and the ridiculous, greed and hypocrisy.

In GTA 5 the world is not only huge, there are many options to play around with a vast array of things to see and do as follows.

  • cars to customize
  • planes to fly
  • clothes to buy
  • sports to play
  • nirvanas to pursue
  • oceans to dive
  • animals to spot ,hunt and to be hunted by
  • freaks to watch, meet and to be friend
  • bounties to hunt and on and on

The mechanics of the game GTA 5 has also been improved very much, which includes the weapon aiming and functioning, driving and even bike riding.

GTA 5 weaponGTA 5 Bike

In GTA 5 the player are more creative with the execution of each major heists, making all the key decisions itself.

in near future we expect GTA 5 multiplayer option from Rockstar games, so look out for that. GTA 5 is available for xbox 360 and ps3 and on September  17.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA 5) Trailer

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto) Outclass Screenshots

GTP 5 Sacreenshots

cycle in GTA 5 game

Download GTA 5 new

Grand theft auto shots

Grand theft auto shots

New GTA5 screenshots

New GTA5 screenshot

new Grand theft auto screenshots

Grand theft auto screenshots

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