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How To Fix error “Your Text Message Could Not be Sent” Notification Keep Coming in Android

message not sent notification in android

Are you getting irritating error notifications sending a SMS from default messeges app or hangouts app saying that your sms text message not sent again and again. If you are one of them you would hate your android device because of these type of notifications and may you waste your worth-full time in crawling your device’s settings and don’t get any thing there. After some time again open settings and checks all options again and again.

If you are in this type of situation then you are at right place. I know that notifications are too much irritating because i have passed from all this situation but know when i had found the solution to the problem then i became angry on myself that why i spend my time in crawling devices setting when its solution is too much simple and easy. Or if your message sent but not delivered. If you want to get rid of these type of notifications like me (as i was earlier) then you have to just follow me.

Fix error Notification “Your Message could not be sent”:

1. You have to just Install a small software “Handcent go Next SMS” app from Android Market Google Play Store

Click above button to download or

Just search Handcent Next SMS in Google play. Then you will see this free app.

Handcent Next Sms App Download From Google Play
Tap Install and Accept Permissions

Now you have to just download and install it.

Handcent Next Sms App install From Google Play to fix text messages not sent notifications
After Download Complete you will see this

I think that shouldn’t be a difficult task for any android user. If you couldn’t do this, feel free to ask any question in comment section.

2. You have to just Open app “Handcent Next SMS”.

For this you have to open your menu and tap on “Next SMS” app icon or you can search it in your device where you had installed it.

3. You have to go to Undelivered messages.

For this after you had opened “Next SMS” app you have to tap on menu button then tap on “More”or “three dots” button there you will see Undelivered messages option.

4. You have to delete undelivered messages.

When you had tapped undelivered messages option you will see all your undelivered messages. Now you have to select and finally delete all your undelivered messages from here. for this you have to tap on the messages each separately or just tap select all button on top right corner then tap on delete or bin option.

And if you want to make Handcent sms app you default sms app then you have to simply go to your android default messaging app. And to turn off notifications go to setting from menu and finally uncheck  the notifications option by just single tap on it.

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