How to make Android Faster

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Android speed going

Your Android speed

Now a days people use android devices and after some times they want to get rid of it’s continuously going low  speed. And after that they don’t like to use their device as they enjoy it using before when it had good speed and gives you good performance. Every one likes to make android faster and faster.

How to make your Android Faster:

This time you hate your your device and go to change it or change boot or ROM but that’s not a solution of the problem you can manage your Android’s Speed yourself. Every one want’s their device run’s faster but scammers apps prey all your Android’s performance speed. Here are 22 tip’s or tricks for you to manage your Android’s Speed or make your android faster.

1.Manage your wallpaper’s:

You have to decide what you want with your device performance or appearance? Both never exist at same time. If you want performance you had to disable all your live wallpapers and disable the screen animation that gives fading effect to your menus and unlock animations (If you are using these).

Android live wallpaper

Say no to live wallpaper

2.Uninstall all unwanted apps:

You have to remove all your unwanted apps which you use rarely or which you store only for some specific time or purpose. After you get your purpose you have to uninstall it from your device. It’s simple that You don’t want it(apps and games) you shouldn’t keep it.

unwanted Apps

Get rid of unwanted apps

3.Close unwanted background running apps:

I know you have a powerful device but you have to take care of background apps to improve your performance or to make your device more faster. You should use apps as low number of apps you can work with don’t let run unnecessary apps in background. your might notice your device acting up while using some app or games. Well that’s because you have to clear the running applications for newer apps to get space to work.

How to make Android Faster

close other running apps

Too much apps can sap your device’s ability to perform quickly. and reduces the level of performance it offers. Most Android devices allow you to bring a list of apps that are running with a simple tap or through the device’s settings menu. Have a look at what’s running. work with what you’re using right now and shut down unnecessary apps from background this can help you to make Android Faster.

background running apps

Close unwanted background running apps

Some apps even they are not being used or are properly closed will be still found running in the background. Don’t trust me then you can check your device by going to Menu and open Settings and then tap on Applications and click on running tab and see for yourself. The more apps you have there the more slower your device.

make Android Faster

apps in background

4. Uninstall Go Launcher or Change some settings:

Well This app is one of the most popular app on Google play and one of most used apps out of all the ones available in the Google Play Store. It makes your device looks awesome in terms of software, but in reality It uses your much RAM Hence it slows down your device’s speed. I can say this because I helped many device’s speed up just by uninstalling this application.Am not really against it but it needs too much improvement to be on your device because it is a big RAM leech. If you still can’t live without just do follow the following settings.

go launcher EX

Uninstall go launcher

Go to Menu then open Preferences after that go to Action Settings then open Screen transition speeds then finally Change from default to Quick and make sure to set speed at 75

This will improve the navigation through different screens but still won’t improve your speed as you get after uninstalling the app completely.

5. Remove widgets:

Widgets are for some specific purpose they are not a fancy item.  You should add widgets you really wants every time. Widgets are useful but you should think about your device what it can handle. you should trim the number of widgets to get better performance because widgets eats you RAM and makes your device slower. If you have every thing on your home screen it means you are too lazy or you don’t thinks about your device’s performance.Try to Remove live widgets which updates time by time like Facebook or weather e.t.c.

Android Widgets

Try to lessen your widgets

6. Install apps on need basis:

Android Play Store is a home of millions of free apps, it is recommended that you only download and install only the apps that you need. Apps on Android are installed on ROM, which is usually very limited in storage space. If you populate it with unnecessary apps, it will only make it slow. You should install only basic apps you want.

Android Apps

Android Apps

If your apps and widgets can be arranged into a smaller space you should do it because Removing home screens is a simple way to increase performance. If your home screens are filled with widgets it could be a good idea to look through them and work out which ones you really need and which you can live without you should remove them. Removing home screens may make you believe that you device gone bad or getting old. All Android handsets come with 5 or 7 home screens. This simply kills your device’s RAM, and reduce it’s efficiency. So reduce to only those home screens that are required.

android homescreen

Remove unnecessary apps

8. Store more apps in External Memory:

If many apps are installed in the device’s internal memory, they can slower your device too much. It is better to move some of your apps from your device’s internal memory to your external memory e.g SD Card to free up device’s memory and to increase it’s speed and efficacy.
android apps in SD card

Move apps to SD Card

9. Update your apps:

Many device manufacturers constantly try to improve user’s experience and they roll regular updates to make the device much better. Don’t avoid them, they help you and App and Game developers constantly release updates to improve performance. You may find better graphics and get smooth play because of these and will increase speed of your device.

update all your google play and third party android apps

Along with bringing new features and functionality updates can include performance improvements such as reduce the amount of RAM the app uses. Check Google Play for updates to the apps that are installed on your device.

Updation of apps

Update your slow apps

10. Use Autostart Programs checkers:

If you’ve rooted your Android. you should use an app to manage autostarts and give permission to some apps you want to automatically start with your device and stop unnessery apps to to start automatically. This will speed up your boot process.


Manage autostarts

11.Turn off sync:

If you only receive spam emails every 5 mins but it may be a different case if you use it for business. Every time the device checks for emails the device will act funny and may slows down your speed. Turn off sync and try to do manually check for your emails when you want. It will Saves Data and a lot of battery.

Sync Android

12. Keep your most important apps and games in the internal memory:

By sending the apps and games data to memory card you will free space and make things good for device. This is true but the device will take much more time to start and may even lag because the device is trying to fetch data to and fro the memory card rather than the internal memory which is faster. For better performance you should keep only the important and frequently used apps and games in the internal memory.

You may have a handset full of large apps that you rarely use or older ones that have been surpassed by better apps. You should clear these out can boost your device handles data and improve its overall performance.

apps for internal storage

Move frequently used apps to internal memory

13. Clear cache Memory:

You should clear cache to get rid of unwanted and temporary files. Like the browsers and operating systems your device’s apps and games have their cache system too. Really helps to boost up things but not so helpful if there are too many cache files.You can Delete cache using 1TapClearner available for free on the Google Play Store.

clear app cache

14. Give a restart:

Just like humans need rest and a good night sleep, so does your device. When you find it acting slow just restart it. In fact try to restart your device twice a month is good for improving shell life of the device and making your Android device Faster.

Restart android

Restart your android device

15. Factory Reset:

If all those tips don’t work, then you should try the tip to fix almost all issues that is the Factory Reset. This will bring your device back to factory defaults but before this you should make a backup of your important data like contacts and photos e.t.c. This will give your device second chance to prove it’s potentials.

Android Factory Reset

Factory Reset your android device

16. Disable Background Sync:

Background syncing slows down your device and drains your juice. You should install power control widgets on your desktop and control the high-speed internet and background syncing right from the desktop.

background sync

background syncing options

Turn on these options when you need them and after your work done you should turn them off this trick will not only boost up your device but also saves battery and make your Android Faster.

17. Kill unnecessary apps:

Once you launch an app on your device it remains in the memory until it is killed. some people say that killing applications is not a healthy habit but I believe that killing that are bloating up the memory is a good practice to do.

Kill unnecessary apps

18. Use new browsers:

The in-built browsers in devices are usually poor in interface and speed. such as Firefox, Opera mini and Google chrome browser e.t.c. and also check for their updates and install them.
Android browsers

Use new browsers

19. Uninstall all gitchy apps:

Many gitchy apps slow down your device you thinks that may be your hardware failure but it is the main reason behind your main efficiency or your device hanged.

android githy apps

Avoid gitchy apps

20. Defragment your Android device:

Just like your desktop computer, an Android device get benefit  by defragment its internal memory. There are several apps that will help to do this including 1Tap Cleaner and Total Defrag HD. Depending on the app used there are several options defragment exactly what had to cleaned out and how much amount of data will removed, but a full clean-up brings marked improvement in how the device handles its functions.

Defregment Android

21. Install Custom ROM’s to Get a Newer Version of Android:

If up mentioned tips don’t gives you much better result or you want more efficency then you should try new versions. New versions of Android devices perform better than older versions. As Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is much better and responsive than old versions we should thanks to Project Butter, which aimed to reduce lag. If your device have not official update to a new version of Android. you can upgrade it by installing a custom ROM. you can Install custom ROM like Cyanogenmod,  MIUI to get performance boost. They have good launchers and have essential apps to boot and they will remove any bloatware. A custom ROM is a new build of the Android device’s operating system which is customized for your device and developed by Android. It is recommended that you should upgrade to the latest version of Android if your device have and take advantage of the improvements.

Android custom ROM

Update or use Android custom ROM

22. Root and overclock:

Here’s another Advanced good method to root your Android device. and then you should overclock it with the help of softwares like SetCPU. Beware of that This will reduce youd device’s battery life but this will increase your device’s speed. Softwares like Once Click Lag also give a major performance boost after rooting.
overclock android

Root and overclock android

Android fastI am sure that all these techniques and tips works and gives good results. You should try them…. Best of Luck Friends 🙂


Author: Umair Gujjar

Read articles of Mr Umair Gujjar. Software Engineer and a full time developer, creative person Love to write on Technology Mobiles Phones and Games. Love to do research work and try to find something new every time. Doing blogging as hobby and A Patriotic Muslim too.

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