How to Root Google smartphone Nexus 5

Google launched its smart phone Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 KitKat. Although it’s a very nice Android version but if you want  to customize your device efficiently rather than spending hours of time to customize your device because rooting your device removes all data and settings from your device. Installing a custom ROM or custom recovery is a good idea but you have to think about this also that this will harm your warranty.

Complete Guide Unlock Boot loader &  Root Your Google Nexus 5

Root Google Nexus 5

If you wan to unlock at all then Google had made this very easy for you like other Nexus Devices (Google smart phones) you can unlock Nexus 5 by installing Android SDK and then connect your device with PC and after that you can unlock your device by running fastboot oem unlock command. but there are other simple ways to unlock your device. you can do his by rooting your device.

Rooting Nexus 5:

There comes many software’s for rooting Nexus 5 just few days after Nexus 5 comes in market for sale. I use Chinfire’s CF Auto Root for Nexus 5. Because this is specially designed for Nexus 5 Device. Using this software you can unlock boot loader and root Nexus 5 by Linux, windows or OSx. The bellow mentioned procedure is for windows PC users.

  1.  Download CF auto Root in your pc from Chainfire’s website for free.

    Download CF Auto Root

    Download CF Auto Root

  2. Unzip files to a folder on your pc.

    Unzip CF Auto Root Hammerhead

    Unzip CF Auto Root Hammerhead

  3. Open command prompt window on your pc by typing cmd in run window from start of window.

    Run window

    Run window

  4. copy address of unzipped folder(by opening that folder and copy from address bar) and paste in command prompt window. after that we proceed here from 8th step.

    Get address by right click on address bar

    Get address by right click on address bar

  5. Switch off your Nexus 5.

    Switch off your Google Nexus 5

    Switch off your Google Nexus 5

  6. Open boot loader mode by pressing power + volume up + volume down buttons at a time

    press power + volume up + volume down buttons at a time

    press power + volume up + volume down buttons at a time

  7. Connect your phone with PC.

    Connect laptop with phone

    Connect phone with laptop

  8. Now just type root-windows.bat in command prompt and press enter.

    root windows in command prompt window

    Type root-windows.bat

  9. Now you have to just follow the instructions.

    Now do any thing you want

    After that your pc sends a command to unlock boot loader and you will see red android logo on nexus 5 screen. This confirms that your device is rooted and Super SU is installed in your device.

Nexus 5 Rooted


Your device will reboot now. This will take more time than usual but don’t worry next time it will take less time. This process will remove all data from your device. and resets the factory setting.

Your Nexus 5 is Rooted Now :)

Your Nexus 5 is Rooted Now 🙂

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