How to unroot Nexus 5 completely with windows, Linux and Mac?

If you had root your Nexus 5 but now you want to claim for warranty and want to send to manufacturer for its recovery or change you are unable to do it so because of rooting. You need to unroot your Nexus 5 first to claim for warranty and change or technical recovery.
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Why you Have to Unroot your Nexus 5 and Benefits of Unrooting?

You have also the best option of rooting to your phone when you want to remove all your data from your phone for selling or some other purpose. The benefit to unroot your devise is that your devise will become as it was the first day you purchase it. Easily claim your warranty without any hesitations or fear of being changed in the operating systems

How to unroot Nexus 5?

To unroot Nexus 5 first you have to follow some pre advises for the safety and best results.

  • Before start rooting to Nexus first you should be careful that your device is fully charged because if not it may switch off during the procedure which may result as a damage of your mobile phone which was hard to recover so be conscious about battery.
  • Before to unroot Nexus 5 it is important that you have to backup all your data an files if not you do it  results into loss of your data permanently so please backup your data SMS, Contacts, emails and apps. You have to first backup and restore your data you need.
  • Install all the drivers of Nexus 5 to connect your PC with your mobile before you start unroot your mobile first ensure that the devise was enable to connect with your PC. And also enable the Usb debugging mode on your device, it is compulsory before you start rooting or unroot your device.

How to Unroot Nexus 5?

To unroot your Nexus 5 you can first be sure that you are clear about unroot, its functionality and why you want do it. And follow the first precautionary  steps then follow the following.

1. Switch off your mobile phone. After that press the volume down and power buttons for abut 10 to 15 sec  to open your Nexus 5 in boot loader menu.
2. After that connect your Nexus 5 with mini Usb cable to the system ( better if the cable is original).

How to unroot Nexus 5?
3.Now download the latest  “Unroot Nexus 5” and unzip the folder to the desktop.
4. Open the “Command Prompt” in windows or “Terminal” for Mac or Linux  an write the following
For Windows 
cd Desktop
cd UnrootNexus5
fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ11d.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash radio radio-hammerhead-M8974A-
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot -w update
For Mac:
cd Desktop
cd UnrootNexus5
./fastboot-mac flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ11d.img
./fastboot-mac reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-mac flash radio radio-hammerhead-M8974A-
./fastboot-mac reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-mac -w update
For Linux
cd Desktop
cd UnrootNexus5
./fastboot-linux flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ11d.img
./fastboot-linux reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-linux flash radio radio-hammerhead-M8974A-
./fastboot-linux reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-linux -w update

how to unroot nexus 5?

5.Now automatically your phone start reboot but their may be a chance that might your phone get stuck on ‘X’ boot animation. If so then follow the these steps otherwise skip these.

6. Unplug the mobile now repeat the step 1. when your phone start to vibrate leave the power button but keep holding the volume up and down buttons.

7. Press the volume up key twice to connect and see the stock recovery. After at the screen with triangular red symbol android appear on screen. Now simultaneously press the volumes and power buttons for 5 seconds.

how to unroot nexus 5?

8. Now recovery options appear on the screen and by using volume keys select ” wipe data/ and factory reset” and select yes. After that move to  “wipe cache partition” and select yes.

9. After that select “reboot system now”.Now your mobile will be reboot.

How to unroot nexus 5?

  This is the how you unroot Nexxus 5? completely and successfully. I hope this will provide you the complete guide and help you. Follow it unroot your Nexus 5 and if their is any problem discuss in comments and also share your experience and suggestions 🙂

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  1. I unrooted differently (sorry I hadn’t come across this page until just now) & downloaded the latest factory image from Googe’s servers. I’m sending back my N5 to Google for an exchange. I just locked the bootloader per your instructions (somehow it worked by just plugging into the USB & opening command prompt). My bootloader version is HHZ11k & Baseband version ends in .23. I noticed on another forum that someone with a new N5 had the same specs. Are these the later versions post OTA updates & wouldn’t a phone being sent back have the latest versions?

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    • Didn’t get your question,you should have to be brief while asking a question. And i think latest versions post OTP updates.

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