How to update Android 2.3.4 to jelly bean 4.2.1

How to update android  2.3.4 to jelly  bean 4.2.1 is the as easy as to root your mobile if you have a proper guide. You need  to enhance the functioning and working of your android with jelly bean. By upgrading it you will enjoy the better and the more efficient working experience.

How to update Android 2.3.4 to jelly bean 4.2.1

Step 1:  First you need the ROM to  download.

Step 2: Another thing you have to download is for play store and Google search from here.

Step 3:  Now Copy All of the files to your mobile phone.

Step 4: Switch off your device and put it in recovery mode by holding three buttons of your cellphone volume+home+power.

Step 5:   Now tap on Factory reset/Wipe data .

Step 6: When it’s done then select install ZIP from sd card choose zip from sd card- and make it confirm.

Step 7: Now only choose  gapps-jb-20121212-signed and confirm.

Step 8: Now just Restart your mobile and enjoy the new updates .

This is all about How to update android 2.3.4 to jelly bean 4.2.1. I hope it will help you and provide ease in update android 2.3.4 to jelly bean 4.2.1. If you have any query or suggestion then please ask we are here from your convenience (Thanks).

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