How to use the Google Play Wishlist feature

What is Google Wishlist?

Google wishlist is a feature of Google play added in 2012. Its about creating a list of your wishes on Google play. Any thing you likes to play or watch later on Google play you can add it to your wishlist to do that later and it’s very fast and easy to configure. As my wishlist at night while using Google play is…….

My Wishlist         On Google play It’s like bookmark or favorite button on browser but this feature is in Google play not in the browser and wishlist is like your leisure list(list of items you like most or like to do in your spare or leisure time). and when you open your wishlist from overflow menu or from the right most(three dots like button) button. you will see items you had added in your wishlist and you can access it easily by just tapping on any item like there may be things you had added in your wishlist e.g(Toy Story 3 – Movie , Where is my water – Game) e.t.c you had to just add items you like most to your wishlist.

then the question is……….

How to add items to wishlist?

As if you see a game like “Where is my water” on Google play at night you wanna play this but that time you had to watch a movie on Google play like Toy Story 3 or any other then you can add that(Where is my water) in your wishlist to play or install it later. You can see this wishlist button likeWishlist ribbon with plus sign(+) button on top tab of your Google Play. when you tap(click) this button the button will be highlighted like thisAdded to wishlist and that means item you had opened had added to your wishlist.

You can add any item to you Google play wishlist by following easy steps.

1.Click on the item in Google play wishlist you want to add. As Toy Story 3 is shown in picture.
google play wishlist

Google play items

2.Tap (Click) on the Google play wishlist(highlighted in picture) button.
wishlist button

wishlist button


 3. You will see message adding to wishlist as shown in picture.
adding to wishlist

Adding to wishlist

4. After that you will see Google play wishlist button with white color that means your selected item is added to your Google play wishlist.

after adding to wishlist

How to remove an Item from Wishlist?

        If you wanna remove any item from your wishlist you had two options.

        First is that simply just open that item and tap on wishlist’s button(which is highlighted)Added to wishlist and after tap it will changed back as it was earlier like this.Now it had removed from your wishlist.

        Simply you can remove any item from wishlist by follow the following simple steps.

1. When you open any item which is added in your Google play wishlist you will see its wishlist button is colored white as shown in figure.
after adding to wishlist

after adding to wishlist

2. You had to tap(click) on that wishlist(white ribbon like) button. and it will turned to red.and that all you had removed that item from your wishlist.
wishlist button

wishlist button

3. If you want to add it again you had to simply tap wishlist button again and it will be added to your Google play wishlist.

Overflow button

Here is the over flow menu button

overflow menu button

overflow menu buttons

        Second is to just open your wishlist and you will see that There is a overflow menu button on every item. you had to just tap on that button of item you wanna remove from wishlist and select the “Remove from wishlist” option. that will remove on single tap and take no time. and You can modify your wishlist any time.

Second way of removing any item from Google play wishlist is given below with the help of screen shots.

1. You had to open Google play wishlist.
my wishlist

Google Play Wishlist

2. You had to tap overflow menu button of the item you want to remove from your Google play wishlist. then you will see drop-down menu. As shown in image below.
Remove from playlist

Remove from playlist option

3. Last step is that you had to just select remove from wishlist option and the item will remove from wishlist in no time.

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