Complete Guide: How To Install Best Screen Protector

Today in this my short write up i will teach you about Installing Best Screen Protector on your phone, so that your phone’s screen would be able to safe from scratches and other damages on your screen. Its very easy there’s no rocket science involved in this process. You have to just follow some steps to be able to Apply Best Screen Protector with out any problem. Some of the most simple and helping steps are given bellow. By using these steps you can easily Install Best Screen Protector on your cell phone.

Some steps to Install Best Screen Protector

  • Just wash your hands first and dry them with towel or air  dryer now use a cloth to remove the dust particles from the screen. Make sure that cloth is clean.
wash hands

At the very first you have to follow all these steps

  • Use microfiber cloth you found in your package which is specially designed to clean your screen from dust and finger prints  to apply Best Screen Protector.

microfiber cloth

microfiber cloth

  • Now carefully remove the screen protector form its packing. Avoid to bend or fold the protector for installation of  Best Screen Protector.



  • Peel off the back label marked as one from protector.

    peel off back label

    peel off back label

  • Place the protector to the corner of the screen. Now slowly apply the protector.

    place the proctor

    place the proctor

  • Use a credit card or any other item similar to credit card to remove the air bubbles from the screen. Use it carefully.

    Install Best Screen Protector

    Remove all the air bubbles

  • Now peel off the label marked as 2 if you sure that the all bubbles are removed form the screen for Best Screen Protector results.

    peel off the front label

    peel off the front label

Finished now your phone’s screen is save from scratches.

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