iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumours|Leaked Images

iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 is the most updated phone of iPhone series, and it won’t release this year

New iPhone 6 Release Date

iPhone 6 is  going to get released this year. There are many rumors as for the date of its release but all of them are guess-based. The most recent rumour is that iPhone 6 release date  is the end of June this year.

Story Behind iPhone 6 Release  Date

Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek says that we’ll see an iPhone  5S first preceded by iPhone 6 Release Date . Can we expect both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Release in the following couple of months? Then some of the Analysts say that iPhone 6 may be released in the start of 2014 and iPhone 5s a bit later.

But now the story is not the same, because iPhone 5s has been launched. And now we can consider that every iPhone has a series like iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and then iPhone 6. And we’ll expect exact iPhone 6 Release Date.

iPhone 6 Rumours:

All the rumours and news regarding  iPhone 6 Release date are baseless. But as far as these rumours are relied upon, following are the expected key features of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 News :

There are a lot fake news about New iPhone 6 Release Date which is to be Launched Soon. I’m Gonna explain some of the Expected Features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Rumours.

iPhone 6 casing & Leaked Images

What do you think how its casing will be look like?  It would have a plastic back. It might be pretty and lighter in weight. So are you waiting for the latest updated iPhone 6?. Here I am going to show you some leaked photos of iPhone 6.

New iPhone 6 Release Date

Do you think that iPhone 6 might have plastic back?

iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumours

iPhone 6 Release Date, News and Rumours

New iPhone 6 will finally do NFC

Jefferies Analyst Peter Misek said that iPhone 6 might have a longer battery than any other iPhone or Android.He also said that now iPhone 6 boasts of its sharp NFC, no matter other Android Phones also have NFC.

Michael Berrett PayPal’s chief security officer said, “there will be a Phone enabled finger print in the market soon this year”. will it be iPhone 6 ?

The iPhone 6 will Run OS 7

The OS 7 has been announced by WWDC 2013 . iPhone 6 will be a fully established phone with awesome battery timing. It will have colorful OS 7 with a rounded icons. It will have  striking colours and stark fonts  including icon radio and many others. It is amazing that iPhone 6 may have more than 128 GB built in memory. It also may have an extraordinary Screen and a quad-core processor. It might have awesome finger printing sensors that have never been seen before. Moreover, outclass 13 Mega pixel Camera and Eye tracking sensors will certainly give you a surprise.These are the expected qualities. You can imagine features that might be available in the iPhon 6. Some expected screen shots  and OS 7 interface are shown below.

iPhone 6 News

do you think it will be pretty ?

iPhone 6 Rumours

ios 7 flat design black white

New iPhone 6 Features and specifications

As I explained before that iPhone 6 Release date and expected features all are rumours. Here I gonna explain the features and specifications of iPhone 6.This is all about iPhone 6 rumours where nothing is considerable to b exact.I hope it will b informative for you guys.

iPhone 6 Camera

According to the report of  Asian Supply and Network, it is rumour that the iPhone 6 camera is based upon the range of 12MP to 16 MP. But that is the previous one. Now  the Nomura Security, a Chinese firm reports that the iPhone 6 camera is based upon 8MP.

They make some minor adjustments to improve the image quality like optical image stabilisation (OIS). The OIS helps to improve the image quality in dim light. It is also rumour  that Apple’s iPhone 6 will work more  to improve the image quality. US patent and Trade Mark Office received an Application from Apple for OIS set up and to improve the auto focus technology.

It was also an arguing factor that apple was falling behind with the camera of 8MP. But the megapixels are not responsible for the improvement of picture quality as proved by iPhone 5S. Use of OIS and auto focusing to improve image quality is a great idea.

iPhone 6 Storage

Apple has recently launched 128GB ipad. Apple can make a model of 128GB which provides a great capacity of storage to store large files and huge amount of data.  But we can not expect it for iPhone 6. It will be with  the usual top  storage of 64 GB.

Screen of iPhone 6

Because of the  Samsung GalaxyS4 , HTC One and Sony Xperia Z it is clear that Apple also compete with the size of screen. And it is surely expected that iPhone 6 definitely have large screen size as related  to the other iPhone’s . It is a rumour that iPhone 6  will be with two distinct sizes of 4.7in and 5.7in claimed by china. Japanese tech publication MacFun, suggests that it have screen of 5in with Full HD  resolution of  1,920×1,080. But according to work style of Apple it is considered wrong. 

it the expected structural design of iPhone 6 you think its prettier

it the expected structural design of iPhone 6 you think its prettier

Highly Sensitive Touch of iPhone 6

It is estimated that iPhone 6 have a highly extra sensitive touch which also have the ability to measure the pressure. Because of its highly sensitivity, it  detects the finger print of user and provides a feature of high security. Then it also provides the ease of dual functioning by using a single button just because of difference of pressure.

These all are the rumour of iPhone 6 which I share with you. Please discuss and share your views.. 🙂

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