Android Latest jelly bean tips and tricks

Android Latest jelly bean tips and tricks

Android jelly bean is becoming popular day by day because of its exciting features but still there are many jelly bean tips and tricks which might be unknown to the most of people, by getting known to those jelly bean tips and tricks you can easily do some regular task more quickly and easily. As it is introduce in many of cell phones of Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Our daily life routine is becoming busy day by day we can save our time by doing regular task quickly and easily. So, here are some of the latest jelly bean tips and tricks which can make your work quick and easy.

  • Talk to Google:

Google made a new app known as SIRI through which you can talk to your phone and have your task done without going deep into the phone, you can also ask any insane question to it and have your answer for example you can ask “What is the date of birth of Miley Cyrus?” and Siri talks to you back and answer your question.

  • Equalize Your Music:

The ability to adjust Bass and treble is absent in android but jelly bean cover this in its stock player, you can set the built in or set your own by adjusting the knobs according to your mood and sound you are playing. You can do this by just tap on media player setting and then Equalizer, it also have 3-D effect which makes the sound much deeper. The sound effect is only hear when you are using headphones because phone’s stock speaker are not capable of showing this.

If you don’t have jelly bean on your cell phone you can also avail that option by downloading Equalizer from Google play.

  • Access Google Now:

You can access Google quickly from any place or while using an app by just pressing Home button for some time a circle pop up from bottom and then you just have to tap Google Now. You can also access to Google Now when screen is lock by just swiping the lock icon up.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Search by Voice:

You can also search anything on Google by speaking for this you just have to select “Language and Input” from setting and then change Google Voice Typing language from Automatic to English(US).Now from Google Now settings again change the language to English(US). You can see “Search or Say Google” in now’s search bar.

  • Boot in Safe Mood:

If you don’t want to disturb by 3rd Party app then you have too boot your cell phone in safe mood by this 3rd party apps can be disabled, by pressing Power Button and then long pressing of Power OFF option  from the dialog box which is appear as you press the Power Button.

  • Rotation Lock:

You are watching a video on your phone while travelling on a plane suddenly plane banks sharp to right due to which your orientation changes. In cases like these you can lock the rotation by tapping on the
rotation lock in Notification Shade, it keeps the current orientation until you tap it again to unlock.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Turn Notification OFF:

You download as many apps as you require with the passage of time, there are dozen off apps present on your phone and every app has at least one notification. This makes your notification bar too long to see your important notification. Jelly Bean has features to turn off notification of an app. Go to info page under app uncheck the box labeled “Show Notification”.

  • Rearrange Your Home screen:

By long press on any icon or widget you can move it to any place or over any widget or icon. Bigger widgets can be made smaller by long press and then release them and adjust the size by dragging the circles.

  • Notification Shade:

We called it as “drop down menu thing” or “pully down menu thing”, but officially it is known as Notification Shade. Certainly there are some options which can be expand by swiping two fingers outwards on them, giving you an over view of that app like subject headers in your email inbox. By swiping two fingers inwardly the notification will contract again.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Remove an Icon:

Long press on any icon or widget then fling it upward will send them into shortcut heaven. This won’t uninstall the app, it will still present in app drawer.

  • Access App Info:

Without going in detail to know about app info for uninstall, stop or disable the app. Through jelly bean it can be accessed in quickly and easy way. Pull down the notification shade, long press on an open task you will be taken straight into the app info where you can do what you want to do.

  • Volume Control:

Without going into settings for increase or decrease the volume of your android device individually. You can have access to them by just pressing Volume Up or Down button by this a familiar dialog box appear  with settings icon on the right side by tapping on setting icon you can have access to the volume panel of your android device.
Jelly BEan Tips and Tricks

  • Talk back:

Jelly bean provides a very best features for blind and low-vision user to access your phone, which is talk back. It provides the audio output of the menu which is displayed. You can turn it on via “Accessibility” and you can take over it easily through his tutorial. It also support output devices like Bluetooth and USB.

  • Blink to Unlock:

As face detection is a good way to secure the mobile, but paranoid user may worry that someone might have access to their phone by taking picture of their face. Jelly bean cover this due to its Liveness because its check the blink of eye before unlocking the phone. It prevents access it doesn’t detect eye shut.

  • Fast Data Exchange:

Jelly bean provides you Android beam work with NFC (near-field communication) to enable fast data exchange between two devices. You will have to enable it first, present under wireless & network. You also need to know about the NFC area of your mobile. It can be anywhere on the back of ludicrously large tablet. Do a quick Google to find out where is present on your phone.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Simple Secure Pairing:

Simple secure pairing woks with NFC to provide a quick and easy way to connect through Bluetooth. You don’t need anything other than NFC, but make sure that device is compatible with simple secure pairing.

  • Calendar Notification:

Any invitation sent to you through Google calendar is shown on your notification bar, you can give a response to them by tapping on them on type your require response.

  • Gallery View:

Jelly Bean Android snapper will love its new feature of gallery. They can have a view of their picture by just pinch on them to zoom in filmstrip mode where all your pictures are displayed and you can swipe left or right to view the other one or swipe up or down to delete individual image. It also give you a redo option for enough time to realize that you make a wrong move.
Jelly Bean Tips and tricks

  • WIFI Saving:

While using WIFI in public like in hotels or restaurant it, sometimes have ridiculously strict usage policies. In Jelly Bean’s data usage setting you will find option for some WIFI networks as Mobile Hotspot. It stops background apps to access data which saves you so much money.

  • Stock Keyboard:

In Jelly Bean Android stock keyboard comes with some new features like bigram prediction and correction to complete the whole sentence. This is as good as Swiftkey and even slightly faster and slicker.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Reset App Preferences:

While doing some important task you inattentively you do some changes which you don’t want to do and you don’t remember what happen with the app. For this Jelly Bean gives you feature of Reset App Preference which you can find in app drawer, find it under settings. This option will reset the app on the global level and gives you the new born look.

  • Emoticons:

Emoticons can be add to your jelly bean android default key board by going into language & input in the settings then go to settings for stock Android Keyboard. Here, choose Add-on dictionaries and select
EMOJI (In Japanese for emoticons) for English word now you can have a list of emoticons with the word you type.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Sound Search:

Google has created its own version of Shazam which is known as “What’s that song?” . This works the same matching snippets of music to its data base and gives you the name of Artist, Track and Album.
But there is a bad news that due to license restriction it is only available in some countries. So, we just have to wait for new Google update about unlocking in our country if not available. Or we use it by rooting our cell phone as we know it’s one of the advantages of rooting .

  • Add Accounts:

Android device are great for passing around and sharing. But until now we just have to activate only one Google account if we want other we have to reset all. Now, jelly bean cover this with new feature of handy add account feature through this you can add multiple Gmail Addresses. But still there is no quick way o switching user.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Share Screenshot:

Jelly bean become smarter it shows a new process for sharing screen shot, after taking a screen shot. You can expand it from notification and share it from there.

  • Quick Control Browser:

One of the best options is that jelly bean introduce a quick control option and provides you whole screen to move on. This add pop-out menu on browser, pulls a semicircle on main browser feature. Control many options for quick and easy browsing.

  • Long-Press to Uninstall:

Long press on app in app drawer not only make you to drag it on Home Screen, it also pop up a couple of other option through which you can uninstall the app.

  • Flying Android Screensaver:

To activate flying android screensaver, head into phones about screen and hammer away at the android version tab and your flying android screensaver is activate on your phone.

  • Save your eyes with inverted rendering:

Inverted rendering makes the pages black and text white. It saves the battery and easy to read when we are in dark. It is present under the browser’s setting tab within the accessibility area and a contrast slider too.

  • Stop App Icons Automatically Appearing:

As we download any app ICS feature of Google make a shortcut of that app on home screen. If u wants a clean home screen just the regular use apps icon then you can uncheck the Auto-add shortcut toggle from Google play app’s setting tab. So, that no icon appear on the home screen.

  • Manually Close an App:

Google recent multitask menu lets you close apps quickly. A long-press within the list of recent apps you visit the app’s info page from where you can easily force close it.

  • Remove the Lock Screen:

When you are doing text messages and you put your phone on table it lock itself if you want to have direct access to it without screen lock. Head to Security> Screen Lock and select none. Then be very careful.

  • Take Photos While Recording:

The android 4.0 camera app arrived with nexus helps you to take a picture while making video without any pause. You can take a photo by just simply tap on the screen it will capture a full resolution and save it to gallery and your video continue without interruption.

  • Add Additional Faces:

The ICS face locker is one of the best feature through this phone is unlock through face detection using front camera. This software automatically store multiple picture from different posses so, you can save your shave and unshaved photo or one of your trusted friend.
Jelly Bean Tips and Tricks

  • Quickly Access Notification:

You can have access to your notification easily without unlock your phone. Just press power button and then tap on notification area and read your latest messages. This might be risky so take good care of it because any one can read that.

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