A Mobile With Longest Battery Life – 2 Years Battery

Sometimes you have to make an important phone call and your mobile is in deep coma state. At that time your only thought is that you should buy a phone and never have to go near a socket. Well if you ever thought like this , this is your moment solomobi company of china has designed a mobile with longest battery life with a 2 year battery stand by. Yes you heard it right this new Zj268 provide a battery stand by of 666 days and a talk time of 1 week. This dual-SIM, GSM900 / DCS1800 candybar with 3.0 inch display is said to achieve that milestone with the help of a 32,800mAh “super battery.”

phone battery

Back view of a chines phone with longest battery.

We’ve got the phone on order and will get back to you in two years with the results…right. Picture of the 87 x 51 x 10mm / 0.12-kg lithium battery. This phone has 2 big speakers which provides an extra ordinary loud sound. It has hand writing recognition in 2 languages. It supports Mp3 and Mp4 . It even has dual cameras and supports video call.it also have other features like SMS group sending, Voice recorder, WAP, Handwritten + keyboard input, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS, Memory extended, IP dialing, self-designed ringtones, photo editor, alarm clock, calculator, notepad,health management.

A Mobile With Longest Battery Life - 2 Years Battery

A Mobile With Longest Battery Life – 2 Years Battery

Well I have to say that this is a complete package phone and I think when the timing of second charge will come you probably have lost your charger. Any body who want to test it and prove us wrong should go ahead but remember it will take you 666 days.

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