Papers Please, An Indie Game with High Repeat Value

Papers Please

Papers, Please – An Indie Game with High Repeat Value

As the time goes on the producer also invented new and innovative games. Recently just few months back Independent gaming company launched a new game game in march 2013 which is “Papers, Please“.

Best Computer Games 2014 Papers Please An Indie Games:

The Developer and publisher of this game is Independent, this is new sort of game which has quite interesting for buyers. This is the simulation game which has scenario of war. It has the story which is related to the two countries which has ended the war and now working on paper to set its new border and to control the flow of people from one state to another.

Specialty of the Papers Please Indie Game

Papers Please An Indie Game

Papers Please An Indie Game

The main speciality of this game is that, this is the story based game. In this game there are two countries one is Arstotzka and the second one is Kolechia, they both have recently ended the war and now deciding to set their new policies. In that case you are the immigration officer who visited to another country to control the flow of people entering in side of Grestin from Kolechia. Now you have to look for smugglers, or any illegal immigrants. This is some sort of technical and informative game for this generation.

Personal Experience About the Game

Well honestly speaking this game is really good because I have never seen a game of the concept like this. This game has unique and informative concept which enhance or polish you investigating capacity. When I first play this game really I get difficulty in understanding the story but as I came to know the real story and the procedure and steps to play this game honestly I became an addict and all the time I used to playing this game with break. This is wonderful game in the recent time you must try this game for once and surely you will like this game.

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