Complete Guide How to Reset Galaxy S4

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S4

Your need to reset Galaxy S4 there are many reasons to do it so, you might selling your mobile and want to erase all your data or may be their was many problems with the apps you installed or settings you have then you have the restore factory settings is the best option.

Follow the Steps to Reset Galaxy s4

1.The simplest way to reset Galaxy S 4 is from the main menu.

  • From main menu go to “Settings”.
  • Tap to “accounts” scroll down and select “Backup and reset”.
  • After that tap to “factory data reset”.
  • Now select “reset your device” and tap “delete/erase all” to the settings as for the 1 st day of your device.

This is the easiest way you reset Galaxy S4.Or alternative to this you may dial this code  *2767*3855#  to the dial key pad, this will automatically rest your settings to default. Reset Galaxy S4 2. But if the mobile phone is locked or frozen you cannot access the main menu then you have to follow the following steps to reset your device.

Reset Galaxy S4

  • Switch off your phone by holding power button for 15 seconds r if not working then remove your battery and off your device.
  • Do not turn it on. Now carefully and simultaneously press the volume up button and home key then after ten sec press the power button with out releasing the home key and volume up button and press them until you are able to read recovery mode on screen.
  • Now use volume down button to highlight the “delete all user data” and use power button to select it. when its complete Reboot System will be highlighted.

Reset Galaxy S4

  • Now you can turn on your device by using power key. You have successfully reset Galaxy S4 and enjoy its settings as they were in the first day.

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