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How to reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Simple and Easy Methods/Steps

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5
How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5

Today I will share different easy ways to reset factory settings of your Samsung Galaxy S5. We need to reset our phone/device when we are going to sale it or give it to your family members or siblings. I got Samsung Galaxy S5 2 weeks ago after using this cell phone I admit that this is a very nice Android device with a huge amount of amazing features but i have to get all my data in my new cell there are apps to do that for me but that’s a very lengthy task. I don’t want to go in detail because that’s not our today’s topic. My lil bro was interested in my new cell and today on his Birthday I gave him my cell as a gift and gone back to my old cell phone. Before giving him my cell phone I have to reset my Samsung Galaxy S5 because i have to remove all my personal data from my cell and set it like when i had bought it. For that i have to remove all apps then I have to remove contacts, Email Addresses, password e.t.c Rather then doing all these one by one You can Factory Reset your Phone simply. I had done it using different methods and named those methods too for your and mine own assistance. Now am going  to share these methods with you. You can follow any one from these and can reset your device to Factory Settings.

1. Dial Keypad Method to Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 New:

The Most easiest way to reset your device is to dial *2767*3855# from dial pad of your Samsung Galaxy S5. This will automatically reset Factory Settings of your device. but I think this method is not 100% sure this works on my device One of my fellow had rooted my phone and share it with you in last Article. Don’t worry if this doesn’t work My next all methods are 100% Sure, Checked & Trusted.

Reset Galaxy S5
Dial this to Reset Your Phone

Settings Method to Reset New Samsung Galaxy S5:

This is the Most Used, Easiest and Trusted way to root Your Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of the users use this Method to Reset their Phone For This You have to

  • Go to Settings From “Main Menu”.
  • Open Accounts Now Scroll Down and Select Backup and Reset.
  • Now Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Now select Reset your device and tap delete/erase all to the settings as for the 1 st day of your device.

But If You Phone is locked you can’t use above mentioned method. For that you have to use the following Reboot Method.

Reboot Method to Reset your Samsung Galaxy S5:

If your phone is locked you can root/reset your Device by following below mentioned simple Steps.

  • Switch off your Phone by holding Power Button. or Remove Battery if this is not working in locked condition.

    How to Reset your Samsung Galaxy S5
    Reboot Samsung Galaxy S5 by pressing these 3 keys
  • Select "Wipe delete/factory reset"
    Recovery Mode on Screen Select “Wipe delete/factory reset”

    Now carefully and simultaneously press the volume up button and home key then after 10 seconds press the power button with out releasing the home key and volume up button and press them until you are able to read recovery mode on screen.

  • Now use volume up/ volume down button to highlight the “delete all user data” and use power button to select it. when its complete Reboot System will be highlighted.
  • Now Turn Your Device Off and then Turn it On by Holding Power Key.

That’s all the different ways to Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S5 to Factory Settings.

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