Rise of Venice Review, System Requirements and Trailer

Rise of Venice is a strategy game which is published and developed by Kalypso. It was released in September 2013 (US) for the PC and as for now, there are no plans for the XBOX or PlayStation 3.

Rise of Venice

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Rise of Venice Trailer

Minimum System Requirements for Rise of Venice

Operating System: Windows Vista and 7/8

C P U: Intel Core 2 duo or higher

RAM: 2GB system ram or higher

HDD: 3GB of free space at-least

Sound: DirectX compatible sound card

GPU: DirectX 10 compatible with at least 512 mb of ram.

Windows XP is not supported because of the DirectX 11!

Story of Rise of Venice

Plot: Rise of Venice is a strategic game based on the earlier trading systems of the fifteenth century. You are a Venetian merchant in the single-player campaign and start with a vessel, some wood, grapes and honey. Your job is to send these items to around two dozen cities scattered all around the Mediterranean Sea with a very simple goal; sell goods and make profit (buy cheap, sell higher).

Each region has its own specialties; some will help you in making good spices and some will produce quality wine. It is your job to ship it from one place to the one which pays good. Beginners experience difficulty in paying for the trading licenses (of the neutral/allied cities) but once you get going, everything starts to make sense and you get hold of things. You can earn a lot and climb up the ladder of the giants in Rise of Venice.

You will have to make trade routes to start trading – another difficult and annoying thing to do. Once you have, these trade routes can work automatically. It takes time to judge the routes as well. Only experience will tell you which item is good for where.

The basics are actually hard to understand, there could have been a more detailed tutorial and many have found it difficult in the start. Once you know the basics and are able to trade profitably, things will get interesting.

Rise of Venice thumb

Rise of Venice Review

You stand against Genoa and your enemies will do a lot to harm your reputation. They will spread rumors to strike your rep, blocked ports and stealing are some other options which they’ll be adopting to harm your business and your job is to counter all this as well. Worry not, you can play the dirty tactics too i.e. if you have enough money to hire the operatives.

Apart from trading, you have to build warehouses that’s all store some items for you. Real money is made after you start PRODUCING the things you sell. Optimum use of the resources gets you the best profit!

Battles: Your ships do have to combat but it is a pretty silly part of the game. Your ships move like jets and they are faster than the time you need to build a winning strategy for them. Although, it is still a good thing and something you’ll be interested in from time to time.

 Rise of Venice screenshot

Rise of Venice screenshot


  1. A total of four players can play the multiplayer
  2. The games can be saved
  3. Open-world and objectives are both playable.

In short, the game is confusing at the start but once you know how the things roll. It is something you will actually enjoy.

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