Why Should I Root Android Phone and Rooting Benefits

After came to know about Rooting Android Phones, first question which comes in our mind is that why should I Root Android? Or what are the advantages of rooted android?

Rooting Android is like a hacking you just hack into your phone to get best advantages to those which a developer hides from you and Rooting Android makes you bypass the limits of manufacturer to become the truly master of your android, by rooting you get the best features.There are many advantages to Root Android Phone given bellow.

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1) You can use Premium apps for Free

One of the best advantage of Rooting Android is the ability to take control over powerful applications that are beyond the advantages of others,
               FILE EXPERT helps to access and edit/system on memory.
Network Spoofer helps to troll other when they use your own created wireless network from your Rooted Android, you can make every image inverted and all text fuzzy.
free apps

Proxy Droid helps you to connect your Rooted Android with those wifi’s which have proxy.
Market Enabler helps you to access those apps in Google Play which are locked in some specific regions.
Chainfire3D helps to run NVIDIA Tegra games on other, unsupported phones.

2) Boost the Speed of your Android Phone

Now a day’s everything around you is moving fast why not your phone? Now it’s possible, your rooted android can boost your phone speed by using Set CPUand Voltage Control  to give more speed to your phone like to unlock 1GHz android processor to 1.6 GHz.

Speed up Android

You can make your Android faster bye Rooting process, do wan to make your android faster?

3) Boost your Battery to Use the Phone Max without Charging it for one or two days

Our mobile battery do not stay with us during a long stay away from a socket or any other, to take over this problem rooting helps you by giving features of boosting your battery by installing customized kernels some Apps. like SUPERPOWER. You can also have a fast recharging facility.

Boost your Battery

Yes now you can boost you battery, don’t you think its awesome feature of Rooting Android Phone?

4) Updates about the latest version

Most of the android user has complained that why they are many updates behind? Rooting android sort out the solution of this complain too. Google, carriers and the hardware manufacturers between these there are lots of doors which determines when your phone gets an update. But who is going to wait??
Once you root your mobile you just have to find the version of OS you want to install and you can have that easily.

Updated version

Google announces Android 4.3 the latest jelly bean update

5) Block ads which appear in any apps

While using an app, on your phone suddenly an ad appear and you can’t close which irritates you in using that app now your rooted android can close or block all these ads which appear while you are using app. by using different apps like Ad Free, Ad Block Plus and Ad Away.

Bloke Ads

Want to block Ads to stop irritating you ?

6) Backing up the Data with full Achievements

Retrieving data is one of the best option, as we know there are many apps and software that can bring data and make a data backup but these software’s and apps can only brings the apps and data. However, by using the backup option from Rooted Android you can not only have that app back you can also have every little achievement you have made in that app,using an app Titanium Backup.

titanium backup

7) Unlock every app which were Blocked by Developer

Most of time Android is unable to provide desired features that you wants to see, rooting android not just help us out to bring change in our present app, it helps you to show some new things on our phone that are not available for your hometown. However most apps are blocked by the carrier, you can also have access to them through rooting like getting features from latest versions and many more. While using wifi in public place you are worried about different apps and software that might be responsible for your data theft or data wastage, you can use Wifi Protector.

unblock wanted apps

Now you can unblock the most wanted apps just by Rooting your Android Phone

8) New things to do after you Root Android

Android can give you much more things to discover, to take control over your phone gesture a Rooted Android can do that by simply downloading GMD Gesture Control. You want a sliding keyboard when you are in portrait mode of your android you just need a Keyboard Manager which helps you to manage to switch in keyboard you like to use in portrait or landscape mode. You can add or edit any features like widget in notification bar. You can improve your multitasking and have extra themes by Pimp My ROM.Rooting helps you to check every corner of your android.

Root Android

9) Delete those manufacturer build apps which are not for use

In your android there are most of the apps which were developed by the developer and given in your phone which are not in your use and they are covering extra space on your phone’s memory. You can delete them properly from your phone, just freeze them for a while then check if your phone is working properly if yes then you can delete them by Titanium Backup. And you can easily get rid of battery draining and space-wasting crap.

Rooting Android

Want to get ride of the extra apps which are provided by the manufacturer and not for use? the only way to get ride is Root Android

10) Things you want to do automatically

You heard Tasker that app helps your phone to do things automatically when the time comes, you can use this app without a Rooting Android Phone but Rooted android gives more to it, its like giving wings to a car. You can enjoy every corner of tasker just through Root Android Phone.

11) Android as Wifi Hot Spot

In this world where everything can do on internet, the places where you do not have direct access to internet you can use to Root Android for providing internet facility to your computer by using the internet facility given to you by your mobile connection, you can also have that facility free of coast after rooting your android by using Wifi Hotspot

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12) Custom ROM and Kernels

A rooted android can have many custom ROM its like a custom version of android. It truly changes your way of using your phone. It may add or edit your features, some may add totally unique and some may change it from beginning to end. They are like heavily modified version of android. And there are some custom kernels too which are directly attached with hardware that kernels just work when you Root Android  Phone, these kernels helps in increasing the performance of your android.

13) Master of your android

In the end you can say that you truly own your device and now you have open different opportunities of your android which were blocked by others.
As we knew that “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Root Android

So Root your Android to get the extra ordinary features

Every thing which is made have some advantages and some disadvantage just thinking about disadvantages we can’t walk for progress in our life but by following the footstep we can have our mission accomplish without getting harm.

Rooting opens many gates to your entertainment but it may damage your phone properly and void off your warranty.

Author: Umair Gujjar

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