How to Root HTC one M8, Unlock Boot Loader And InsTall CustoM Roms

how to root htc one

how to root htc one M8

HTC ONE Rooting

Before you start your rooting HTC One M8, you have to unlock your bootloader.
After unlocking the bootloader you could root HTC One M8 and install custom roms and recoveries by flashing them from sd card.

How to Unlock HTC ONE BootLoader?

You have to follow following steps in order to unlock HTC One  bootloader

Check following  points before unlocking HTC One BootLoader:

  1. Battery should be at least 60% charged.
  2. Usb debugging should be enable from developer options in settings.
  3. Uncheck fastboot from battery settings.
  4. ADB and fastboot drivers should be installed in your computer.
  5. Backup your data.
  6. Get yourself registered at HTCdev.

Step 1 get into fastboot mode:

To get into fastboot mode connect your HTC ONE M8 with pc and power it down by pressing power button and volume down button.

Rooting htc one

Rooting htc one or M8

 Step 2 command prompt :
After getting into fastboot mood open command prompt on your system see your device identifier token there by  typing this on command prompt  “ fastboot oem get_identifier_token ”
Then copy the token as illustrated in picture below

htc one rooting

htc one rooting

Step 3 Login to HTCdev:

  1. Open
  2. Select unlocking bootloader there and search your phone model there e.g. HTC one m8 .
  3. After selecting your phone click on begin unlockbootloader.
  4. Agree the terms and condition and proceed to step 5 then.
  5. Now paste the identifier token here you copied in step 2  and click submit.

Step 4 get your unlock code :
your unlock code will be sent to your e-mail address. Download the file and put it on your desktop.
Now open command prompt again and type this “ fastboot flash unlocktoken Desktop/Unlock_code.bin  “

Step  5 : confirm unlocking :

how to root htc one M8

You have re-enable usb debugging as we did before in step 1.
Now your phone will prompt you for confirmation select yes and unlock your bootloader  . your phone will restart and you are done.

How to Root HTC One (M8)

Now you have prepared your phone for rooting  and can easily Root HTC just have to follow the given steps in order to Root HTC One M8.There are some simple steps you  have to follow up to ROOT HTC ONE M8.

Step 6 download SuperSU :

To Root HTC One Download supersu from and put it into root of your sd card.
Step 7 download TWRP image file:

Download recovery image from these sites depending upon the version of your phone that which verison are you using to Root HTC ON !

step 8 flashing recovery image:
Go to fastboot as we did in step no 1
Open command prompt of your computer and type these commands according to your phone version.

Root HTC One AT&T T-Mobile and HTC one Sprint

for AT&T  T-Mobile type :
fastboot flash recovery Desktop/openrecovery-twrp-
For Sprint edition type:
fastboot flash recovery Desktop/openrecovery-twrp-

step 9 boot into recovery :
Now boot into recovery by selecting bootloader from menu then press power button to press bootloader then hit the power button again to get into recovery mode now your device will reboot into TRWP recovery.You don’t have to wait to Root HTC One.

Step 10 install supersu:
Navigate to the file u put into sd root in step 5.
Install this file after installation your HTC One rooted  Successfully congratulations!!  🙂

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