How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with simple steps

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5

Today am gonna tell you about Samsung Galaxy S5 Rooting process with the help of very simple steps,Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most hottest cell phone of 2014 and its need of the time to root it.

Why you need to Root Samsung Galaxy S5? or Benefits of Rooting Galaxy s5:

Some times when you try to download some apps from Google play which you need a lot but you are unable to do it so because a message appears that you need roots to do it? Is it compulsory for the access of that app. Rooting provides you the ability to gaining the “root” or administrator permissions to all the directories, commands, and subsystems which helps you to be more powerful and strong to access the apps you need? Rooting for all the devices is not possible but rooting for the most devices is similar but they vary with a little difference which is very important if you neglect it so it may result destroying of your device so do it on your awn risk.

Before you start root galaxy S  5 you must be aware of the functioning of rooting and its effect to your device. After rooting your unable to claim the warranty of your device, Rooting is a process of modifying the functionality and working of the operating system used to modify the basic operating system of your device.

s5 samsung galaxy

New Samsung Galaxy S5

Root New Samsung Galaxy s 5 following simple steps:

Process of rooting provides many facilities for you but you should be careful to do it so if you cannot perform the steps careful then the results will be may you loss or damage your device.

  • Rooting  Samsung  Galaxy S5 is possible by using windows, Linux or Mac. If you are start to Root Samsung Galaxy S5  with windows then you have to first install Samsung USB drivers for your device but cannot needed with the others.
  • Plug in your device with your PC and download the latest version of Android root and launch the software then follow the instructions carefully and connect your galaxy S 5 with the data cables to the systems carefully. Highly suggested that the cable should be original and stably connected during rooting loss of connection may cause a huge problem.
  • After plugin wait for some minutes to connect it and automatically complete the installation to your system. Don’t try to be hurry do it with calm and patience it may takes sometimes more time or may be unable to connect completely and shows an error message, similar to that many others issues created or error occurred occur like that in spite of all that you don’t have to lose your temper try it again and again hope fully it will be successfully installed.
  • Now you have to enable USB debugging mode on your device if you have already done it then just ignore this step and follow the next. But if you cannot do this then follow the instructions carefully and follow that to install it on your device.
  • After that click on “root” but before that you have to complete knowledge about rooting, now it galaxy s5 is ready to become  rooted . It will take few minutes approximately 3 to 5 minutes. After that the messages appear that you successfully root galaxy S 5 now reboot it for better mutuality and working.after that you can also check that is the  s5 Samsung galaxy rooted? or not you can also unroot new Samsung galaxy s5 we will discuss further.
Root checker for Samsung s5

Root Checker app for New Samsung Galaxy S5

This how to simply and easily root Galaxy S 5 i hope it will be helpful for you. Please share your experience and feedback related to this in the comments it will be highly appreciated. If you having some better trick and technique please also share that with us 🙂

Root Samsung Galaxy S5

New Samsung Galaxy S5

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