How to root Samsung galaxy S6?

How to root Samsung galaxy S6?

Root Samsung galaxy S6 means to have a complete access of galaxy S6 mobile which a developer does not allow you to have. By root Samsung galaxy S6 you can do what you want and the way you want, you can increase the working capacity of your RAM and processor and many more stuff. With root Samsung galaxy S6 you can customize galaxy S6 the way you want and according to your use and can delete all the unnecessary apps which are not of your use and are there just to fill your space, now is the time to use that space for good purpose. Through rooting you can also get all those apps free of cost which are paid and not available in your home ground. By root Samsung galaxy S6 you can fully backup your mobile not just contacts and apps with this you can easily factory reset your phone at any time.
There are different methods for root Samsung galaxy S6. With all these you can easily root your Samsung galaxy S6 by just following few simple steps:

Method for root Samsung galaxy S6 is PingPong Root:

Root Samsung galaxy S6 through PingPong is good method as you do not need any computer. You can root Samsung galaxy S6 with your phone only by following few simple steps. Just like in all other work you have to follow all the steps as mentioned to avoid any issue.
Steps to root Samsung galaxy S6 through PingPong is;

  • Backup your whole data before root Samsung galaxy S6 in case you lose any data in process.
  • Check your battery percentage it should be more than 80%.
  • Go into >>Developer Option >> USB Debugging and make it enable.

  1. First you have to download PingPong Root Beta on your Samsung galaxy S6.Tap on the download and your warranty starts to take off from your mobile. Make sure that your Samsung galaxy S6 will actually install apps from unknown sources, which you can find your permission.
  2. As PingPong is been installed, you have to launch it and it will show you a simple view. Button up top should stick out labeled “Get Root”.
    Tap it and PingPong will knew you are here to root Samsung galaxy S6. As you tap on it PingPong will have you on the road towards root Samsung galaxy S6 by just tapping “allow”. Now just wait for few seconds and you will move to next stop of your road towards root Samsung galaxy S6.
  3. PingPong finished root Samsung galaxy S6 after a few seconds. As it is done it will suggest you to restart it. It is recommended, for a great response, if you want to continue.
    After root Samsung galaxy S6 app name “KING USER” will installed automatically on your phone.
    Tap King User allow everything to do its job, Samsung galaxy S6 is successfully rooted.
  4. As root Samsung galaxy S6 is done in 3 steps, you can check it through root check. If you don’t have a root check you can download that from Google Play.
    As you done this you will welcome with
    Install it and run it. If you did all step accordingly and correctly, you will be all set.

    For all others method you need to have a computer to root Samsung galaxy S6, this does not mean these methods are complicated they are very simple as well.

Method for root Samsung galaxy S6 is CF AUTOROOT:

This one is a little bit more complicated than first one have few steps to guide you to complete root Samsung galaxy S6. You need to have PC for this and way to connect Samsung galaxy S6 with computer. Now it’s time to root Samsung galaxy S6 by keeping in mind some precautions.

  • Make backup of all your data.
  • Make sure your phone battery should be more than 85%.
  • Check the compatibility of Samsung galaxy S6.
  • Time to say good bye to warranty.
  1. First you have to download CF Root file to root Samsung galaxy S6.
    Download CF Auto Root file.
  2. Now download zip file.
  3. Now download Odin v3.10.
  4. Unzip the zip file and get file having extension “.tar.md5”. If you get any file having different extensions then you have to unzip it again.
  5. Now it’s time to enter into download mode on Samsung galaxy S6.
    Hold HOME, POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons for few seconds and follow click instructions.
  6. Check and confirmed pre check list for root Samsung galaxy S6.
    >> Update or Install USB driver.
    >>Enable USB Debugging.
    Setting – About Phone – Build Number – 7 Tap and become developer
    Setting – Developer Options – USB Debugging
    >>Check and confirm your device model, locate your model and download.
  7. Now it’s time to run ODIN on PC and connect Samsung galaxy S6 with computer. NOTE: Your phone should be in download mode. As you have successful connection of Samsung galaxy S6 with Odin. It will show “Added Message”.
  8. With Odin click button – select the file having extension .tar.md5 one you unzipped.
  9. Deselect/Confirm Auto-reboot & Reset Time options are not selected and tap on Reparation to uncheck it.
  10. Click Start Button with this check everything for safer root Samsung galaxy S6.
  11. Root Samsung galaxy S6 will be done in few minutes.

If Samsung galaxy S6 is not rooted yet then you have to check and confirm your model again and redo all the steps. If you failed in this then tap on Auto Reboot option in Odin to uncheck it. Switch off Samsung galaxy S6 and start it by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power Button to boot Samsung galaxy S6 into recovery mode. It will start install process for root Samsung galaxy S6.

Method for root Samsung galaxy S6 is KINGO ANDROID Root:

This is a one step method. About this method you can know better about root Samsung galaxy S6 through KINGO root webpage as the proper detail method is shown there. You can read that with this simple app you can also root Samsung galaxy S6 easily with just few taps.

Rooting may harm your Samsung galaxy S6:

As we know “with great power comes great responsibility” same with root Samsung galaxy S6. By root Samsung galaxy S6 you can also brick your phone if you don’t work properly and do not follow the steps properly you can left with an expensive paper weight. You can void your warranty by rooting your mobile as this may damage it properly then your warranty card would not go with you to help you solve your problem. Samsung KNOX can be damaged and Samsung will not pay you for that.

Author: Usawal Zada

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