Saints Row IV Cheats and Codes to do things you cannot do simply by playing and trying hard

Here is a list of Saints Row IV Cheats for the game for you guys. do follow these and enjoy

Saints Row IV Cheats

Following are the Saints Row IV Cheats Which you can use to perform different works in game which are hard to do without these codes. In Short you can do missions easily and can perform things you want to do in game but its hard to handle. These coeds will help you achieve what you need in game.

Well my opinion is to  play without these and not using these cheat codes. actually these codes destroys the enjoy of game. and you can not get much enjoyment when you play with codes. I Recommend to do hard try to play without codes. Even then if you want to use codes these are listed below for you…

Saints Row IV Cheats :

Go to the HUB menu, then extras>cheats and enter the codes.



givedestroyer AB Destroyer
givehovercar Alien Hover Car
givehovertank Alien Hover Tank
givetrouble Alien Jet Bike
giveufo Alien UFO
giveattrazion Attrazione
givecribship Crib Ship
givecrusader Crusader
Givecrusadercyrus Crusader (Cyrus version)
givecrusadersaints Crusader (Saints version)
Giveeagle Eagle
giveeaglem16 Eagle (M16 version)
Giveeagleswat Eagle (SWAT version)
runfast Super Sprint
givegunslinger Gunslinger
Givegunslingerpolice Gunslinger (Police version)
Givekey Key
givelightning Lightning
goodygoody Notoriety Removies
givemonster Monster Truck
giveoppressor Oppressor
giveoppressorangel Oppressor (Angel version)
giveoppressorpolice Oppressor (Police version)
givepony Pony Cart
giverecursorgreen Recursor (Green)
giverecursorpurple Recursor (Purple)
giverecursorred Recursor (Red)
giverelic Relic
givesnipes Snipes 57
givekillbanejet Snipes 57 (Killbane version)
letsrock random weapons
givestiletto Stiletto
givethompson Thompson
You get $100k
givetornadoassault Tornado (Assault version)
givetornadomorningstar Tornado (Morningstar version)
givetornadong Tornado  (NG version)
unlocitall All unlockables are now accessible.
givetornadopolice Tornado (Police version)
givetornadosaints Tornado (Saints version)
giveturret Turret
giveturreths Turret HS
giveverminator Verminator
givevtol VTOL
givevtolcyrus VTOL (Cyrus version)
givevtolsaints VTOL (Saints version)
givevulture Vulture
givevulturemorningstar Vulture (Morningstar version)
givevulturesaints Vulture (Saints version)
givevulturespotlight Vulture (Spotlight version)
giveturretwh White House USA Turret
givewoodpecker Woodpecker
givewoodpeckerluchadore Woodpecker (Luchadore version)

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