Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps in 2014 for Free

It has been hot in the market about Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 Apps like related to its features, design and interface. It is not recent but a strong and widely used Samsung’s invention. As demonstrated in the last portfolio a big event in London this very piece of hardware is expected to have a quad core SOC based on ARM, a 720p screen, NFC and Android 4.0 ICS. Well isn’t it true that every smart device comes with a lot of Best Apps? as there a lot of Samsung galaxy s3 Apps for free in 2014 as follows.

Collection of Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps

Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

And this very brilliant and intelligent smart phone from Samsung is considered to be the bugatti veyron of current generation’s smart phones and is thought to win the Best Samsung Galaxy s3 Apps race with flying colors. Free Best Samsung Galaxy s3 Apps width was never contracted on any of the smart phone but S3 19300 apps are much wider and giant. The apps network is fairly high above in the sky and billions of people are intensely indulged with them.

Details of the Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Apps

Some of the best apps for S3 19300 are the Advance Xperia Z launcher :

Some the core features are that home screens can be arrange, add and remove,Samsung Galaxy s3 apps can be organized by placing them in folders, apps can be located in the app drawer and the most common thing is that it can be shared on social networks. It supports any sort of resolution and DPI setting which is more than an interesting thing. The user selectable desktop and apps grid size is approximately from 3*3 to 12*12. It is operated by user control like swiping, pinching and double tapping gestures on the can also download Xperia launcher.

download Xperia launcher

Xperia Z launcher

More over scrolling is infinite and apps can be made invisible on the app drawer. It strongly supports the Go launcher and launcher pro icons pack. Icons, labels and shortcuts can be personalized. It also includes the backup and restores launcher settings and adds shortcuts to launchers or any other activity. In the many best apps, broken screen is new funny cool thing. It makes the screen look wrecked and broken just like the real time view. It demonstrates the realistic view of a wrecked, smashed and wrinkled screen like no other app.

Samsung Galaxy s3 Apps in 2014 for Free

Then it is another refreshing “find your android application” which gives a 007 sort of feeling and from security point of view it keeps a track of the location of a child, old or anybody can be located by using this app. Apart from it the cracked screen app is the most realistic screen crack effect, it displays the effect on he real home screen. It’s however a good fun or is it? The compass app is quite really simple but it is tons of user friendly and with great graphical interface. Like the candle app, bulb swing, also resembles it, the only difference is that it’s a bulb. It is activated by swinging the device upwards to on/off light.

AVG anti virus app

AVG anti virus app

AVG anti virus app

It provides the best security for an android phone; it scans the apps for any possible viruses, finds and locates the phone, if it’s lost or stolen. Backs up the data for an emergency, terminates the cause of low processing and ensures that the emails and media files are harmless. The clock widget app runs a service in background and can be placed multiple times.

The candle pop app

The candle pop app

The candle pop app

is about blowing the candle on your phone; you only need to blow on the micro processor which is at the bottom of your phone. Last but not the least the food calories app makes you live healthy by giving every detail about the calories comes from food. Collectively these apps are finely original, entertaining, informative, and secure. Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 has got the best of what is needed quite urgent.

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