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Skyrim Cheats

There’s nothing difficult then accessing then console to remind that am a PC gamer. It makes me very annoying. Except when I press ` accidentally and end up typing something like “fasdkf,ghlfopgye][.,@$^*()_rir9”. Now, We have a full list of Skyrim console commands, ranging from invincibility to the unlimited cash. It’s about like completely break the game.

Some of these may cause glitches to you and you fall out of the game world. and Definitely these worth saving your game too.

Press Tilde(~) for the developer bar to open up. You can now type any of the following codes to help you in the game. Please note: You can turn off the effect by typing the same command again but using cheats will disable your achievements. Now you have to just grab the desired cheat and enjoy.

Skyrim Cheats (Console Commands):



tgm God Mode (Infinite weight, Invincible)
tcl No-clip mode (Fly and walk through walls)
unlock It will unlock door or chest for you just highlight the door or chest you wanna unlock. And write cheat in console window.
psb All spells in Skyrim will be yours!
player.advlevel Automatically level up. but not gives you any perk points.
caqs Automatically completes all the quests.
showracemenu Convert your player as in start.
player.modav skill X Where “skill” is the skill and X is the amount you want to modify it by. You have to input Skills by their in-game names without spaces.
player.additem ITEM ### Every item in Skyrim has code, like Argos catalogue for fantasy objects. You find them in list of Skyrim item codes  replace “ITEM” with the item’s code, and “###” with the number of items you requires. Now your dreams of getting items get true.
player.additem 0000000f ### Get free gold ranges from 001 to 999.
player.additem 0000000a “###” Get free lockpicks as many as you want.
Addshout Give you a shout.
tm Toggles between all game menus.
tmm Toggle between Map Markers.
tfc Gives you free fly cam.
tai Toggles Artificial Intelligence as this will freeze other people.
tcai Turns combat AI on or off, turning dragons in placid beasts and they acts as you aren’t there.
tdetect It turns naughty business detection like stealing, murdering, doing pee in the woods etc on or off. You’ll still get caught if you are trying to pick pocket.
player.setcrimegold ### Can adjust you wanted level as setting it to zero resets your current level of wanted.
player.setlevel ## Up or down your player level as you want. Not for gaming lovers.
player.setav speedmult ### Can adjust your speed as setting greater than 100 for fast.
movetoqt Targets to quest from Teleport.
kill This will kill your target.
killall Kills everything.
help This will give you the list off console commands.
resurrect Using this you can bring back dead characters and can respwan the live ones.
player.modav carryweight # By this you can carry more weight.
setpcfame # Using this you can be famous in game.
setpcinfamy # You can in-famous using this.
player.setav fatigue # Increase this to stop feeling of being tired all time.
player.setav health # Up your health here.
coc qasmoke Take you to a room containing each and every item of game. And you can return to game by just typing “coc Riverwood”.
qqq Quit the game without going to any menu.
removeallitems Target a character and type this and you’ll get all their items including clothes. This does not work in real life.
sexchange By this you can change your player’s gender.
set timescale to # This is default 16-1. Increase it to get crazy time-lapse-style.
Coc”location” This will take you to Teleport.
Saq It will start all quests.
Tg It will toggle grass.

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