How to Switch iOS7 siri`s voice from Male to Female

Now with the latest version of Apple we have an option of  Male to Female Voice Changer, For users of IOS7 it is possible to change the voice of siri`s according to their own choice Male to Female or Vice Versa.It is very easy and simple to change iOS7 siri`s voice. It takes very little time might be few seconds to change iOS7 siri`s voice. It is as simple as to change the Screen brightness or volume of the phone.

All the voice changes and languages changes options are available in general tab so it is quite easy to change them.

Switch iOS7 Siri’s Voice from Male to Female

To change the voice from Male to Female or vice versa it can be done by following the few instructions and implement them on iOS7.

  1. First of all you have to open the Tap Settings in Ios7
  2. After that you scroll down to the General and tap to general.
  3. Next go to siri.

    change of siri`s voive

    iOS7 siri`s voice

  4. And after that select the voice Gender

    Change of Siri`s voice

    iOS7 siri`s voice

  5. Now the Only two options appear male or female.
  6. Now select according to your own choice.

The option of Male to Female voice changer is not available its mean that the language you uses cannot support it. So you have to change your language.

The Male to Female voice changer can accurately convert the voices without having any damage or potential harm. No special skills or software’s or apps were required in Ios7 siri`s voice to change the voice from male to female or oppositely. You enjoy it freely and easily at home whenever you want by following the above instructions.

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