Top 10 Interesting iPhone Facts

Top 10 iPhone Facts you probably don't know

Top 10 iPhone Facts You Don’t know before

Here is the list of Top 10 interesting facts about your iPhone. These are Top 10 Secrets you probably don’t know about your iPhone. I can bet any one that he didn’t know them all.

1st iPhone Fact :

1st Fact of iPhone

1st iPhone interesting Fact

There harvest almost 21 billion Apples Annually. but there are 50 billion apps iPhone had sold till 2012. which is more than Double of Apples harvested in US Annually. That’s a good news for Apple.

2nd iPhone Fact :

2nd intresting Fact on iPhone

2nd interesting Fact on iPhone

Apple uses always time 9:41 AM in Promotional images of iPhone. The reason behind this is that when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone the presentation started at 09:00 AM and he decided to show first picture of iPhone to Audience at 09:45 AM and decided that picture should also show time on iPhone. and after that iPhone used that time in Ads.

3rd iPhone Fact :

3rd interesting iPhone Fact

3rd interesting iPhone Fact

This is the fact that Till November 2013 Apple has sold Almost  400,000,000 iPhone’s. Interesting thing in this is that USB cords packaged with them can easily reach from Earth to Moon.the distance between Earth and Moon is 238,900 miles but The cords sold with iPhone can cover about 250,000 miles.

4th iPhone Fact :

4th interesting iPhone Fact

4th interesting iPhone Fact

Apple company has 1,300 mobile patents. They have hints about the Future of smart phone technology in their patents. such as Augmented Technology, 3d, Apple iPhone Projector, and wear able Technology e.t.c. There are many Apple apps which acts or do works like a very intelligent humans. These Apps and Devices are the future of technology.

Apple new Technology

Apple Patents

5th iPhone Fact :

5th interesting iPhone Fact

5th interesting iPhone Fact

Apple got famous in no time its available in more than 100 countries in just five years. that’s very fast and quick action for Apple and a very good News for Apple. iPhone is now being exported in more than 100 countries. McDonald’s took 50 years to open it’s branch in 100th country. Apple is 10 times faster than McDonald.

6th iPhone Fact :

6th interesting iPhone Fact

6th interesting iPhone Fact

In 2013 iPhone 5 is faster than computers from 10 years ago. here is the comparison of iPhone 5 and 2003 iMac G4 and today’s iPhone is better than that’s time computer.

Processing Speed:

iPhone 5 has 1.3GHz of processor.

iMac G4 had

Memory Size:

iPhone 5 has 1GB of Ram.

iMac G4 had 256MB of Ram.

Storage Space:

iPhone 5 has 64GB of hard disk.

iMac G4 had 60GB of hard disk.

Device Weight:

iPhone 5 has 112 grams of weight.

iMac G4 had 10,400 g of weight.


iPhone 5 has 1Gyroscope, 3 Microphones, 2Cameras, Compass, Accelerometer.

iMac G4 had Keyboard, Mouse and 1 Microphone.

 7th iPhone Fact :

7th interesting iPhone Fact

7th interesting iPhone Fact

Last year Apple had sold 1.25 Million iPhone if you laid them flat those iPhone could cover 170 football fields.

8th iPhone Fact :

8th interesting iPhone Fact

8th interesting iPhone Fact

In 1964 the Author of magazine Science fiction Isaac Asimov said that 50 years from now the world fair would have featured item like iPhone. The interesting thing here is that he said this 9 years before there Martin coper  great scientist makes the first phone call in the world. and Issac’s prediction was 19 year’s before first Apple phone was launched. and this prediction was formed 40 years before the invention of iPhone.

Issac predicts in 1964 and first phone call made n earth was in 1973 and the first Apple phone prototype was invented 1983 and First iPhone was launched in 2004.

9th iPhone Fact :

9th interesting iPhone Fact

9th interesting iPhone Fact

Some Apple Apps reflects the history and culture of Apple as iTunes artist icon is alike bono long time apple user and collaborator. iOS maps icon had the map of Apple’s head quarter (1 Infinite loop, cupertino California). Safari reading list icon has the Steve Job’s glasses.

9th interesting iPhone Fact

9th interesting iPhone Fact

 10th iPhone Fact:

10th interesting iPhone Fact

10th interesting iPhone Fact

Here’s the most shocking fact is the Apple’s Apps are about 7 times of total world’s population. The world has 7.2 Billion of population now and Apple has 50 billion of Apps till last year.

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