Top 10 iPhone Apps You must have in 2013

Two days ago one of my companion writer Falak Sher ask me to wrote an article about Top 10 iPhone apps  He pointed out really great apps but this gave me an idea that there are as many androids as iPhones so we should cover that side too. So here are some great apps you should have.

Top 10 iPhone Apps You Must Have in 2013

Top 10 iPhone Apps

I assembled these apps after surveying my friends, family and social media friends.Following are top best iPhone Apps from my point of view in 2013.

1. Shazam

Top 10 iPhone Apps You Must Have in 2013

Shazm App

Listening to a tune on radio and don’t know who is the artist? This app will definitely help you. If you are a music lover this app is definitely for you. Just open the app and keep your iphone near the sound source and in some secs know all the details about that song. Shazam is a smartphone application boasting a simple but revelatory function.

Shazm Screenshot

Shazm Screen shot


Omni Focus

Omni Focus

Often forget to collect your clothes from laundry or appointment with your doctor? Omni has an answer for you. Basically omni is a location based task manager. You can arrange your daily tasks with respect to the location of the task. This app uses WiFi and GPS options of your iphone to locate your location. If you are a busy person this app is must for you. 3.Find my iphone

Find my i phone

Find my iPhone

This one is my personal favorite. Often our phone is on silent mode and slips between the couch this app is the one you want to have. By sending a special code through SMS this app will make your iphone burst out a loud sound even on the silent mode. Hold on this is not it by this app you can also track the location if your iphone. Brakes again because this app got another great feature. In case you cant find your phone this app will set your iphone to self destruct mode and all of your data will be erased. 4. Find my car

Top 10 iPhone Apps You Must Have in 2013

Find My Car

Wondering around helplessly trying to find your parked car is a common recurring problem for many people, but now this inspired application it need never again to be a problem in reality from Now. This app is developed by French mobile apps specialist Named as Presselite, Find My Car puts an end to the problem of misplacing your car. This iPhone App uses location capability feature, the application allows you to locate the position of the car when parked and then fix it on the iPhone’s map featured app. For those who trouble to follow maps, this app will also give them the facility to record visual information as a helpful feature using the iPhone’s camera. Once the user’s visit’s is over then he or she can simply follow back the map to vehicle.

Find my car

Find my car App Screenshot



IMDb App

If you wants the questions like…. What happened to that boy who played Oliver in 1968 film musical? or In which year was the first Alien film released? The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has all the answers. This is the world’s largest collection of Movies and TV trivia with a database of about 1.5 million Movies and TV shows so this is the biggest Internet Movies and TV Shows Directory, IMDb can satisfy a vast majority or you can say that it can answer each and every of obscure Movies-related question. This app is a very useful App for any household incapable of finishing a Movie without squabbling on the name actors and names of the supporting actor and other Movies he has starred in. 6.Spotify



A very use full music-streaming app for anyone who loves music should must-have this app in his iPhone. Music- streaming apps gives an opportunity to users to listen their favorite music using the Internet, without the irritation of any advertisements. There are a many good streaming Apps out there, but Spotify continues to improves its quality as it is available on desktops,smartphones, iPad and iPhone now. With the service to provide online music, it also allows users to play the back tunes while offline, and Spotify’s mobile app also offers smooth syncing with the desktop Spotify app. 7. Words lens

Word lens

Word lens

One of the most celebrated and famous apps released in recent months, Word Lens is an instantly translator printed words from one language to another using iPhone’s video camera. It is very use full for you in many situations For example, you are traveling abroad and cannot understand road sign. You have to just point the iPhone or iPad’s camera towards sign, and it will show you English translation immediately on the screen overlaying the orignal image by using augmented reality feature. At the moment this application is compatible with English and Spanish, but the app creators promises more European languages in App in near future. 8. Layar RealityBrowser

Top 10 best iPhone Apps in 2013

Layar App

This app is Produced by Dutch company Named as Layar, Layar Reality Browser is one of hundreds of applications that uses augmented reality technology to provide almost all type of information about the your surroundings. This Shows Augmented reality overlays images, Website links and data on the image displayed by the phone’s camera in order to provide you useful context and specific information to you. You have to just hold up iPhone’s camera and capture your surrounding area and then this App will display you a wealth of additional information on your iPhone’s field of vision, it will point you things like most popular bars nearby, or available flats to rent in the area. 9- Angry bird

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

I know this is not an app but it is as important as one.Even if you have never played Angry Birds, you have been in close proximity to someone who has been playing this whether you realized it or not. This is the most popular mobile game in the history. If you have been living under rocks, this game is the basic plot line: Pigs have wronged the birds in some form or another. You plays as representing the birds! You have to get revenge on pigs by pulling the birds back in slingshot (the birds couldn’t fly without the slingshot for some reason) and smash the structures built by the pigs. You have to kill all pigs to move on to the next level. 10.FANDANGO



Fandango’s is a iPhone app for movies lovers it helps you to browse movies, watch their trailers and read movies reviews, once you have decided that what you wanna see, then it provides a list of theater locations and the directions.You can also purchase tickets with the help of this app. you can even book your own seats if theater supports reserved seating.


Fandango App Screenshot

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